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Hedera has just released a new release, Helix. The first track on this EP, Missing Yesterday, begins with a hint of Stone Temple Pilots-esque guitars, alongside arrangements that build off of the work of MUSE and Franz Ferdinand. A charismatic set of vocals stand out boldly on top of the track, while the tautness of the arrangement during this introductory single indicates that this band has their stuff together. The bass that is presented on Rainy Days is emotive and acts as a secondary narrative element. The rising and falling of Hedera’s instrumentation during this second track will keep listeners firmly on the edges of their seats. There is a bit of spontaneity present to this composition that means that no two segments are the same; the eclectic sound of the single keeps fans interested throughout its nearly five-minute run time.

Marching On features the vocal abilities of Jocelyn Faro. Placed in the clean-up slot, this composition is integral for the success of the second half of this release. The song continues to build upon the style cultivated during the first half of the disc, while Jocelyn’s vocals allow Hedera to make something wholly distinct from the rest of the disc’s fare so far. Spacey is the penultimate track on Helix and it allows the instrumental side of things ample time to shine. The track is full of brooding sound and rich emotional content; Hedera is able to make something that links together INXS with The Black Crowes while sounding current and contemporary. Aves closes up the album and showcases the same skill in musicianship for the band. This taut closing effort ends things as emphatically as the release began. Give this disc a spin and let us know what you think.

Top Tracks: Missing Yesterday, Rainy Days


Hedera – Helix CD Review / 2017 Self Released / 7 Tracks /

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