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Long-time readers of NeuFutur will know that we have moved down from  Ohio to Arkansas in the last few months. After settling in to our new city, we decided to go to the Dallas area for some much-needed rest and relaxation. As a couple with a two-year-old daughter, the amount of attractions that we can visit is fairly limited. We found out that Lego had an attract – the Legoland Discovery Center – that is located in the Grapevine Mills mall.

No matter what the age of the visitor, there is some form of attraction to get into. The wife and I loved Miniland, which was a pain-staking recreation of a variety of Dallas institutions. The Merlin’s Apprentice Ride is a pretty robust sort of ride for those above 36″ that will have them soaring and using their feet. For those parents that have younger children, the Kingdom Quest is a good way to become immersed in an easy to understand story line while having one’s reflexes challenges. The one thing we noticed with moving down to the south is how hot the autumn is; the Pirate Beach is an outdoor attraction that blends together a bit of a splash pad with Lego bricks.

Other attractions, including the Duplo Village for those a bit too little to keep Lego bricks out of their mouth, a building/testing attraction that pits players against each other in a box derby race, and a Lego factory tour, ensure that a family will be able to spend upwards of three or four hours at the Legoland Discovery Center. We will definitely be going back down to the attraction when our daughter is a bit older as a few of the attractions are set up for slightly older (3+) children.

A ticket to the Discovery Center is available online from $15.99 (a walk-up ticket is $21.99) and there are bundling options with the Sea Life aquarium.

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