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We see so many people obsessed with an ability to gain muscle, or people obsessively keeping fit, but the one thing that these people usually have in common is that they are living on an extremely unhealthy diet. Most of us in the Western world are used to fast food, takeaways, and piles and piles of sugar. As a result, it’s not much of a surprise that we are obsessed with losing those few extra pounds, but can’t bring ourselves around to the simple idea of consuming a diet that is all natural. So JCER Blog is the best way to get fit, and build muscle, in the most natural way possible.


Go For The Nutrients

This is always the best place to start! If you are embarking on a healthy diet, but also exercising, you need to just think of the simple fact that your body is like a car. You put the wrong fuel in it, and it won’t run properly. It’s that simple! This is why you need to go for foods that are dense in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This means all the good stuff, from foods rich in protein, a healthy dose of slow releasing carbohydrates, and all of the vegetables! Your plate should look like a rainbow, full of different colors, each different color or vegetable signifies that it is richer in a certain vitamin.


Supplement, But Do It Wisely

When you’re deep into an exercise regime, it may be difficult to eat as much as you should to refuel your body. This is why a lot of athletes consume protein shakes because it’s easy to have while on the move. And you can do the same, there are natural supplements that you can take, creatine is one of them, but you could also try Eurycomanone, also known as Tongkat Ali extract, which helps to increase testosterone, and therefore you can build more muscle. You may also want to try a natural energizer, like ginseng, this is especially important if you are regularly training. On this topic, a lot of people make the mistake of training 7 days a week and not fueling themselves properly. So, in addition to eating enough protein and carbohydrates to refuel your body, these supplements may help to take the edge off.


The Most Important Part Of An Exercise Routine…

Recovery is vital. Lots of people think they are doing their body a favor by exercising more than is adequate, but in over-exercising, you could weaken your body over time, but also you are unlikely to build proper muscle and strength. This means you need to make sure you relax in an emotional sense as well as physical because cortisol has a negative effect on building muscle. But you also need to make sure you have enough sleep. Building muscle and keeping fit will improve your life a lot, but if you don’t give your body the adequate recovery time it needs and fuel it with the right diet, you are not going to be fighting fit.


An all natural way to build muscle and to keep fit is achievable, it just requires a lot of preparation and making sure you avoid what is bad for you.


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