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We were lucky enough to experience Je M’enfuis last month and are happy to see that a copy of the act’s new EP, Y.Ni.Te, has just dropped down for us to consider. We’ll be focusing on the remaining four tracks on the release – Ne Plus Me Voir, Present Passe, Superhero, and Again & Again.

Ne Plus Me Voir is straight-forward rock in the vein of Bloc Party and Wolfmother with hints of psychedelic rock and sludge metal, U-N-T are able to make a tremendous splash with this introductory effort. The production of this first track allows each element ample space to shine on their own – the bass can impress with an intricate arrangements while the guitars chug along, for example – but ensure that these disparate sounds are collected into a comprehensive entity.

Present Passe is a wonder melange of 1970s arena rock with the post-grunge of acts like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, while Superhero showcases a dichotomy between the beautiful French vocals and the dirty, chunky contributions of the drums, bass, and guitars.

Again & Again is the concluding statement on the Y.Ni.Te EP, and it builds upon the style of The Scorpions while adding in hints of Velvet Revolver; fans of all eras of rock will be able to find something that they can love here. It represents an important step forward for U-N-T as it touches upon all of the styles, approaches, and sounds that the preceding singles contributed to the story of the band. Furthermore, it provides listeners with a semblance of where U-N-T will likely go in the months and years to follow. For additional information about the act, samples of their music, and other news/updates, check out their social media and main domain.

Top Tracks:  Ne Plus Me Voir, Again & Again

Rating: 8.5/10

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