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It’s no surprise that the way products look on the shelf makes us either want to buy them or avoid them. Branding is one of the main aspects of the marketing mix that affects the decisions made by consumers and companies should make this a priority when designing packaging to fit their message. Branding on the packaging is reflective of a business’s image and identity, so ensuring you have the right concepts for your target audience can see them flying off the shelves. It’s not just the branding and logo that attract people to your product; there is a range of other factors at play including environmental factors that are now being highlighted in the media. 


Showcasing your product in the best light is essential for sales and future business growth, so take a look at some of the ways branding and packaging affect consumer buying habits.


Effective and memorable branding


Many consumers buy from brands they know and love so making the design and packaging memorable for the right reasons opens up a loyal customer base. Branding should be created so that customers associate their lifestyle with it and make them want to buy the product time and time again. Unique design is also often a game changer, as although it might seem like a novelty element to the product, it creates a talking point and something people associate with adverts or celebrity endorsements. When your products are similar to competitors, unique branding is essential to showcase your product in a better light than the neighboring item. Design that catches the eye and sometimes packaging that is developed to look higher quality but at similar price point also grabs consumer attention.


Color and texture


Color is another determining factor in how you want a product to be perceived by the consumer. Bright colors are often used to entice children to which, in turn, makes their parents buy the products, whilst black, gold and silver often illustrate luxury goods. Color is a great pull for people and also offers insight on a deeper level of your customer base and their spending habits. Of course, if you have several products at different price points, differentiating them with subtle color elements helps to present each price point to different buyer demographics. When developing your brand image, it is always wise to plan what colors to use and how you’d like to product to be presented. Take a look at examples on this site for how effective packaging and professional advice could steer your brand to success.


Packaging materials


What your product is packaged in is an important factor in whether people will want to buy it. Packaging that is secure and sturdy is favored, as no one wants to have issues with breakages whilst you take the product home. Some packaging is also used for storage afterward and is kept by the customer for other uses. Keeping the packaging suitable for consumer preferences plus ensuring you keep the costs down for the business can be a tricky task. Higher quality materials cost more, and you’ll need to decide whether this cost will be passed onto the consumer or incorporated into the mix, as higher quantities will need to be purchased to meet demand. Packaging that also meets the needs of your branding message is vital for displaying your logo and product information. Some materials may not be suitable for printing on, or others may have restrictions on the type of branding that can be displayed due to surface area design. Choosing the right manufacturer such as Box Fox and working with them to develop your idea will help prevent barriers when the time comes to package and sell your product.


Environmental factors


How a business considers its environmental impact is becoming a hugely talked and debated subject. The type of packaging that is used and how it can be recycled could be contributing to positive and negative aspects of this discussion. Plastic and its uses have been brought into the spotlight in recent months, and consumers are becoming more aware of the effects this is having on the environment. Plastic waste is increasing by the day, and even with effective recycling, companies are being urged to use alternative materials to package their products.


Although this subject is hot on the lips of environmentally driven consumers, there is also the section of your target audience that either prefers the packaging the way it is or is concerned that an introduction of eco-friendly products and packaging will push up prices. for them. Getting the balance just right between upcoming challenges and how your consumer base reacts to them is key to sustaining a loyal customer base. It is also important to consider other routes, as this opens your business up to new customers and could potentially raise your profile in a different market.


Analyze consumer behavior


There will be tons of information at your fingertips when consumers buy your product. Factors such as how often they buy it, what locations they buy from and whether recent marketing efforts have helped to boost sales are all key statistics to analyze. This buying behavior helps to determine the future action and plans for further promotions and improvements to existing product lines. Getting feedback from clients via your marketing streams is also great for learning what is working and what may not be working and give you the chance to rectify issues and streamline activity.


Branding and packaging have a huge impact on how consumers choose to buy products. A choice to use branding agency San Francisco can make or break a company so developing a branding plan is key to ensuring business success. There are many factors to consider when bringing products to life and reaching into the minds of customers, in turn, helps you to make an impact on their lifestyle. Consumers want the personable approach so providing the full package from sourcing high-quality goods at affordable prices through to great customer service if they have any issues is the key to sustaining a long and happy relationship with your audience.


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