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Summer is the time of adventure. It is when we book our holidays and go off to see the world. For some of us, this means an all-expenses-paid resort and a week on the beach. For others, it’s the perfect time to backpack around a city or the wilderness. Regardless of which holiday you have in mind this summer, there is one thing you always need to prepare, and that is your health.

Many people want to work out specifically so that they can look great in a bathing suit, but the fact is that no matter what kind of adventure you have this summer, you will need to be fit and healthy in order to enjoy it. If you have spent the rest of the year at a desk and living a very sedentary lifestyle, exploring a new city or new country will be exhausting. You might enjoy one or two days before your body catches up with you and from then on it’s a painful upward battle to see the rest of the sights on your list.

Rather than be beaten down by your own limitations, get healthy the right way this year. By adopting a healthier diet and leading a more active life, you can look great and be ready to go any day of the year. Take your vacation time during the winter when flights are cheapest and explore far off places, or visit down south where the weather is warm and post great Instagram posts of your time lounging on a beach and looking fantastic.

Becoming healthy to look better is not a vain goal because by doing so you will also be improving every other aspect of your life. You will be able to go further, do more, be more energetic, and overall lead a better, happier life as a result. All you need to do is follow these four steps, and you’ll be healthy in time for summer vacation.

Spring Clean Your Pantry

Spring cleaning your pantry is similar to spring cleaning your home or your wardrobe. What you want to do is take everything out, and, first and foremost, throw out everything that is expired. You would be surprised at how neglected the back corners of our pantry can get, and throwing out these expired items is the first step to your pantry’s spring clean.

After that, it’s time to go through the ingredients list of what you own. Typically, all processed foods should be thrown out. These are foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients and do little for your health except expand your waistline. These foods will have sugar, salt, oil, or any other type of syrup or additive in the top of the ingredients. Not all packaged foods, of course, are processed, so don’t accidentally throw out wholesome crackers in the mix.

Once you have done this spring clean and cleared out all the processed and unhealthy foods, it’s time to go to the grocery store and buy new food. If you are on a budget, consider checking out the frozen aisle over the fresh one. Most fresh foods have a long commute from the farm to your grocery store, meaning that in many cases frozen food is actually more nutritious. Stick with whole foods, and follow these healthy eating tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a thinner waistline and a happier you.

Exercise More

Exercising is something we all need to do, but we don’t need to go to the gym to get it. Instead, simply doing more and being more active is all you need. Bike to work, take the stairs as often as possible, go on walks, explore, dance, and have fun. Simply going out and exploring your city more often is all you need to do to be more active, though if you want to get the most out of your day try to be active for at least thirty minutes a day, with fifteen of those minutes doing a strenuous workout.

For those strenuous workouts follow online video workouts, bike fast, run, or even just rock out to your favorite song.

Better Your Beauty Routine

Clear skin is key for great photos, but it can also help you feel great too. That’s why it’s important to also work on making your beauty routine a habit and to improve it so that it supports your life. Urban living, in particular, is very hard on the skin and hair due to the pollution and dirt in the air. That is why it is key to wash your face every night and to use any medicated cream to help correct your skin as you sleep. During the daytime protect your skin with SPF moisturizer that you reapply throughout the day.

Improve Your Confidence

One step many people forget when they are preparing their body for a trip abroad is their confidence. Many places take courage to go to for the first time and being more confident in yourself, and your abilities can help you make the most out of every trip. That’s why you should start to eliminate easy-to-fix blemishes like acne or even stained teeth by making an appointment with either your doctor or with Mt Pleasant dentist office and see what can be done.

Of course, not all insecurities can be fixed with a visit to a licensed professional. If you are shy, or otherwise scared of trying new things, take a class by yourself in something you are interested and meet new people. Walk around your hometown on your own, and so on. There is so much you can do to prepare yourself for travel right at home, and expanding your horizons at home can help you make the most of your trip abroad.

Getting your body ready for vacation is a mixture of beautifying yourself and getting yourself physically fit to handle a week of exploring. Continue these great habits, however, and you can see even more benefits from increased energy, to a better figure, to even a longer, happier life.

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