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Living a healthy and happy life doesn’t have to be complicated or drain all your energy. In fact, learning how to do so will make you feel great and give you a boost of confidence. Be glad to know that you don’t have to sit around feeling stuck and lost any longer.

Use the following tips to help guide you to living the life you always dreamed of. It’s time to stop beating yourself up for past mistakes and begin recognizing how much you have to offer the world. Know that your future can get better if you’re willing to put in a little extra work and stay true to yourself.

Set Goals

You’ll feel more organized and focused when you set and write down your goals for the future. Do so with all categories of your life such as with your career and physical fitness aspirations. Be specific and record what it is you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. You risk feeling lost and unsettled if you don’t have objectives that you’re constantly working toward completing. Remember you can always change or adjust as you go and that you should review them daily if you want to stay on track and experience results.

Exercise Daily

There’s no better cure for a bad mood or an upsetting day then exercise and breaking a sweat. It’s important to move and be active on a daily basis if you want to reap all the benefits that come from working out. Don’t let excuses and a busy schedule hold you back from getting in shape this time around. Take action and change your mindset if you want to make exercise a bigger part of your life. Set your alarm earlier, go walking at lunch or ride your adult tricycle (visit Adult Tricycle PRO for the best tricycles of 2018) to work to help you find the time and succeed at reaching your fitness goals. Prioritize physical activity and you’ll come to realize it’s not so hard to do each day after all.

Don’t Settle

Another key to living a healthy and happy life is to not settle for mediocre and think that you’re not good enough. You can’t listen to the naysayers and let them get you down or tell you what you are and aren’t capable of doing. Don’t stay at a bad job, remain friends with people who put you down or live in an area that doesn’t make you feel safe. You have options if you’re willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to change your situation. Focus on building your confidence so that when you’re put in uncomfortable or unhelpful situations, you’re strong enough to recognize it and take a new path.

Do what you Love

Spend more time doing what you love and notice how much happier and healthier you become. This is because you’ll have a smile on your face and feel less bogged down by worries and concerns. Follow your passions no matter what they are and work them into your daily life. Maybe for you what makes you feel alive is writing, playing sports or cooking. Join clubs or organizations and use your free time for participating in hobbies that you enjoy. Stop following everyone else and take the time to sit down and pinpoint what you’re good at and allows you to showcase your talents.

Seek out Support when Necessary

Whether it’s a best friend or a life coach, seek out support from others when you need it. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help when life gets to be too much. You don’t have to do it all on your own or make it seem like your life is perfect. Notice how great it feels to be vulnerable and open up to people who you trust. Listen to their feedback and then come up with a plan of attack for going forward. Life is a lot more fun and interesting when you admit you’re human and don’t try to hide or cover up your feelings and emotions. Admit when you make mistakes and reach out to others for support during times when you’re feeling confused.

Proactively Manage your Stress

Stress will quickly steal your happiness and cause your health to deteriorate if it gets out of control. You have to proactively manage your stress and know when to give yourself breaks from your busy schedule. Slow down and reset by taking long walks, meditating or reading a good book. Always being plugged into your phone and computer may be causing you to feel wound up and anxious without you even realizing it. Set aside more time for human connections, putting your needs first and being with your family if you want to be healthy and happy.

Volunteer & Help others

Being selfish only feels good for so long and then it becomes old, and you start to experience loneliness. What will make you feel alive and grateful is giving back to others and volunteering your time to a cause or organization that you feel passionately about supporting. You’ll quickly see there are a lot of people out there who need your help and aren’t as in good of a place as you are currently. Giving back will help you appreciate that there’s more to life than collecting material belongings and being the best. Live a healthy and happy life by spending time with people who need you and could use a little cheering up.


It’s time to stop feeling badly for yourself and start taking action for improving your life and feeling more joyful. Comparing yourself to others and letting stress bog you down will only hold you back from living a peaceful and healthy life. Remind yourself daily how wonderful you are and all of the talents you have to offer. Use these suggestions to help you build more confidence in yourself and figure out what’s going to make you truly feel happy at the end of the day.

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