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Everyone faces stress in life, and it’s no surprise with the hectic lifestyle which comes with modern living. While everyone’s stressors are different, a lot of people experience similar symptoms of stress, including a lowered immune system, headaches and also feelings of anxiety. Therefore, it is important to find methods to reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind. While there are lots of products and services out there which claim to be the source of a stress-free life, sometimes the most straightforward answers are the most effective. Here are a few examples of easy relaxation techniques you can use to de-stress.


Practice Mindfulness


It is really important to turn your attention inwards and find some inner peace, which is what practicing mindfulness can do for you. The key concept of mindfulness is to focus on the present moment, and accepting everything exactly as it is. This has been found to improve not only your mental health, but also your physical health and overall wellbeing. Mindfulness allows people to accept all of their experiences, and come to terms with the problems which may have held them back. When looking for mindfulness education you must definitely go to Akademiet for Mindfulness, Personlige Udvikling og Livsbevidsthed. They provide high quality education with deep insight and personal involvement.




Similarly to mindfulness, meditation gives you an opportunity to step back and reflect, and the simple practice of taking a few moments to clear your mind and center your body can help to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Meditation can be lead, by either a person or through an audio guide. Alternatively, you can simply take a few minutes to sit in a quiet space with your eyes closed, and focus only on the sound of your breathing. If you struggle to clear your mind, repeating a mantra can be an excellent way to stop your thoughts from wandering.


Living in the moment


It is easy to become wrapped up in everything that you need to do, or every past event which you have been affected by. However, sometimes it is important to try living in the moment and focusing on the present day rather than the past. Take the time to notice the small things, and practice gratitude for everything in your life. It might sound cliché, but it is worthwhile to take note of the sun in the sky, and the birds in the trees. Slow down, and give yourself a chance to breathe before moving onto the next task ahead of you.




Laughing is more than just an involuntary sound you make when you are happy: it can also be the source of happiness. Research has shown that laughing lowers the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body, and aids the release of endorphins, the hormone which improves mood. There are lots of other ways in which you can increase the levels of endorphins in your body, such as exercise or doing something therapeutic which you enjoy, such as listening to music or painting.

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