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Electronic music, or EDM, has become subject of ire for years because most old-school music enthusiasts don’t see it as an authentic work of art because it allegedly doesn’t have any emotion attached. The most common reason behind this mentality is the fact that this genre doesn’t require real instruments, thanks to the rich bank of sounds saved into a computer.

Aside from that, many people see EDM as mere noise and often connect it to stereotypes, including certain fashion statements, dense crowds, and repetitive sounds.

However, there are those who still believe that making electronic music can be hugely rewarding. In fact, proponents of EDM have pointed out some of the most pertinent reasons they have to support this.

1. EDM Is Inclusive

Inclusivity is something the electronic music should be known for — not the stereotypical fashion and crowds of people with the exact same outlook. In fact, most EDP proponents believe that this genre is actually accepting of any and every kind of people, a genre of music, clothing, and sceneries. This is also the very same reason why EDM is more fluid than most genre because it is constantly changing and can provide different kinds of musicians with a safe space to work in.

2. EDM Promotes Creativity At Its Finest

Electronic music is also considered as one of the best avenues for honing artists’ creativity as it doesn’t set a limit to the kind of music produced. That is, of course, aside from the main requirement in any kind of music genre that they need to sound good.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that EDM requires no talent. In fact, it requires tremendous skill to be able to produce great music from a vast collection of different sounds. Adding drum beats alone requires plenty of knowledge and experimentation to achieve the vibe an artist is aiming for— and that’s only one type of sound. Mixing together bass and synths to achieve harmony is not just pushing a button but is even considered a way of life for EDM artists.

3. EDM Boasts Dramatic Drops

In EDM, mixing and mashing up different songs— even those that are not from the artist himself— makes the best precedent for dramatic drops. Because of the easy accessibility of various kinds of music, DJs can build up the crowd, which eventually leads to an exhilarating release. This is something that most fans of EDM liken to an out-of-body experience.

4. EDM Doesn’t Discriminate Between Genres

If you’re an EDM artist, you practically can play every other kind of genre. This is because electronic music doesn’t discriminate between genres, contrary to popular belief. In fact, the transition from one genre to an entirely different one lends EDM the ability to provide the exhilarating drop music fans are craving for.

To top that off, DJs playing around with EDMs can easily incorporate various music that suits their taste with those that they think would satisfy the audience, making it a win-win party. By adding what is popular, what they love, and what the audience prefers, EDM artists can create surprisingly authentic music that people are bound to relate to.

5. EDM Pushes Boundaries

Those who don’t think that electronic music is “real music” believe that it is rendering live music and instruments obsolete. However, experts in the genre believe it is doing the exact opposite because it actually pushes the boundaries of other forms of music, including itself. Some EDM artists even see this genre as an avenue in promoting instruments as they fuse digital sounds with music created by live ones from guitars, ukulele, and even drum sets to achieve captivating pieces.

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