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When it comes to appearance and attractiveness, your physical features count for little compared to the way you dress and carry yourself. No one will even notice the symmetry of your nose and how lean your figure is if you are an unkempt and you lack confidence.

As they say, confidence is the most attractive feature on a man. So, resolve any issues that may be affecting your self-esteem and grow your confidence.

It just doesn’t stop with the confidence, you also have to groom yourself well. No, you don’t have dress like movie star or a runway model and spend insane amounts of money on designer clothes to be well groomed. These grooming tips for men should guide you one everything you need to look wonderful.

Personal hygiene

Take proper care of your body. Shower regularly and brush and floss your teeth daily. Body odor and bad breath are repulsive.

Reeking of sweat is a sign of poor hygiene. Shower daily and apply a cologne to mask the body odor. Shave armpit hair which might worsen your body odor. The cologne should be demurely applied such that only those close enough as to hug can get a hint of the scent.

If regular brushing and mints can’t help with your bad breath, consult a qualified physician since you may be suffering from halitosis.

Hair care

Your hair has a huge contribution to your overall appearance. There are grooming rules for men with thinning hair such as keeping their hair short to give the illusion of volume and hide baldness.

Overall, your haircut should suit your face; don’t just go for a haircut style because it’s trending yet it may be unflattering for your face.

If you are a DIY kind of person, visit for shaver reviews and guidance on how to choose a shaver depending on your needs.

While at it, get rid of those unsightly hair on your nose, neck and behind your ears.

Well-fitting clothes

Regardless of your body shape and weight, your clothes should be well-fitting.

Wearing oversized clothes to hide a bulging belly does nothing for your appearance but to make you look even heavier and bigger than you actually are. If your body size bothers you then find healthy ways to lose weight and trim some body fats.

Wearing undersize clothes doesn’t flatter your body since they leave you feeling uncomfortable and literally spilling out of your clothes.

Wear well-fitting clothes. Simple.


Rounded shoulders and a stooping posture portray a lack of self-confidence (even if you are confident) as well as hurting your back and spine.

Stand straight and tall and square your shoulders. You do not only look confident and ready to take on the world, you also look taller and more attractive. Here are some exercises to improve your posture.


The first thing people notice when they meet you is your shoes. It therefore pays off to invest in a pair of quality footwear. Have at least two different pairs of shoes for the formal and informal occasions.

It’s a fashion faux pas to show up in an informal even dressed up like you have a meeting with the Congress just because you didn’t have a pair of casual shoes to match your casual attires.

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