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We were lucky enough to take a night in Albuquerque, New Mexico during our trip out west. While there, we stopped by Isleta Resort and Casino, an oasis seemingly plucked from the desert. While we spend a good amount of time on the road each year, I feel that our stay at Isleta will be fondly remembered even 10 or 15 years after it had ending.

The one way in which Isleta shines was in the care they took in those who were gaming. Whether it was the free valet parking for those that spend the night at the facilities or the tremendous dinner one can have at Embers, one will feel as if they are being treated like royalty. I had forgotten a few bags in the car and was able to immediately be taken to my car by the valets, who waited until I was able to re-orient our stuff in the vehicle.


We were booked into one of the resort’s junior suites. While we were a bit afraid that the room would be on the smaller side, we were astonished when we entered. The suite was easily the size of an apartment and came with distinct rooms. Furthermore, the presence of a door to separate the rooms of the suites ensured that we were able to have a peaceful night of sleep, even when our toddler was watching television or playing in the bedroom. Rooms are tastefully done with ample lighting and our junior suite possessed a kitchenette and bar area.

Perhaps the best part of our visit had to be the massive jacuzzi tub that was in our room. We were able to comfortably fit two adults in the tub, which provided a tremendous amount of massaging after the day and night that we had to drive to make it to the resort. We loved the balcony, which had two entries/exits and offered a stunning view of the front of the resort and the outdoor swimming pool.

We were also stoked at how reliable Isleta’s internet was. It seems like a small enough thing, but at a number of hotels and resorts in which we’ve stayed, the internet connection has been an afterthought.

When we actually had time to stop on the gaming floor, we were able to find a wide variety of machines with a whole array of denominations.  For those that are completists, there are a number of the newest machines. I was more than happy to find one of the single-player poker machines or the computerized version of the roulette wheel that had smaller buy-ins. The casino worked equally well to appease those that did and did not  smoke; while the main floor did allow smoking, there was an immaculate, closed-in room that was larger than any other casino’s smoke-free room. Whenever things started to slow down there were a pair of drinks stations that were kept up quite nicely.

We loved that Isleta operates the Fun Connection, a location where one can play traditional arcade games, bowling, billiards. For those needing to top up before entering back into the activities, the venue has a snack bar. We were able to get our daughter involved when traditionally, there is little to nothing in the way of attractions that the younger set can enjoy.

For those that go to Isleta during the week, the casino runs a variety of events from Monday to Fridays, ensuring that one has a fantastic time no matter when they may enter the casino.

The resort does well in providing visitors with enough attractions to keep interested over their stay. We were fortunate to stop by the property on a night where Tracy Lawrence performed, while we were a bit bummed that we would be missing the casino’s June and July performers. Immediately following the concert, we stopped by the Triple Sevens saloon. The location was jam-packed and ensured a robust night full of fun, while ample security posted at the entryways for the saloon made the experience a safe one.


Isleta’s spa is open from 9 am until 7 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 9 to 5 on Sunday. Individuals can schedule spa treatments online with just a few clicks off of the main Isleta domain.

The spa offers body wraps, massages, a slew of salon services including makeup applications, waxing, and coloring of hair. The Isleta Resort has a full array of different nail procedures, including manicures ($45  for 45 minutes, $55 for 60 minutes) and pedicures.


For those that wish to get a few strokes in, the Isleta Resort has three distinctive 9-hole courses. Getting together a reservation, attendees to Isleta can take a day out at the practice range with Callaway and Titleist club rentals. The pro shop contains a variety of gear for duffers and professionals alike. A great round can be celebrated at the attached Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, which caters to parched thirsts and snack urges with a goodly-sized bar.

Other Attractions

There are a few shops that offer branded items, amenities and local fare in Isleta proper for those that have friends and family back home.  For those RV fans that are driving around the southwest, Isleta also operates an RV park. If you’ve been beating around the heat of the New Mexico summer, we’d strongly recommend getting a room at the resort and unwinding at the casino and finishing things up with a stop at Isleta’s Chila Ristra.


If you find yourself anywhere within a six-hour drive of the New Mexico area, we’d strongly recommend stopping by the Isleta Resort and Casino.  Whether it is the first moment when one checks in throughout the rest of the stay, an individual or family will be treated with the utmost care. The all-in-one aspect of the resort means that one can spend the better part of the weekend continually experiencing different attractions and events.

Random Fact: The doorsign demarcating our suite was lit a nice, bright yellow. When we decided to flip the “Do Not Disturb” switch by the door, a red light illuminated our desires.

Isleta Resort and Casino / 11000 Broadway SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 / Facebook / Twitter 

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