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Freelance writing involves writing that is for the sole purpose of attaining money. For freelance writers to be successful, they require certain tools and resources at their disposal. Writing software, proofreading, plagiarism and grammar checkers, a timer and a laptop are the basic implements necessary for this operation, no matter whether you are writing an essay, dissertation structure or an article. Let’s identify online tools every writer needs in order to succeed. Technological advancements and online resources provide great benefits to freelance writers by ultimately ensuring that work output is at its best.


A freelance writer requires the following to succeed:


  1. Website


It is essential to have a website that is strategic and effective. A writer should target the appropriate market segment and niche, then market themselves within this context. The online presence that a website offers to a writer is professional and will, therefore, attract potential clients. A good website should have a proper design, a professional domain name, clearly indicated services that are offered and quality social proof. Developing a website has the following advantages:


  • By featuring samples of work, the writer’s skills are openly displayed.
  • Provides an online platform where employers can access specialized writers.
  • Provides freelance writers with the opportunity to build their reputation, hence a chance to make more money.
  • It is an avenue for continuous interaction and feedback from readers and potential clients, offering room for improvement.


  1. Editing and proofreading tools




This tool is simple to use. The premium package is usually paid for but basic services are free. A freelance writer will find this tool very useful in checking for spelling errors, overused passive voice, redundant words and other common writing errors and grammar mistakes.


Hemingway Editor


This tool has features that highlight common mistakes using colors. It gives the writer a score and grade depending on the work readability. Formatting and spellchecker features are incorporated in the application.


Phrase Express


This is an editing tool that completes words and phrases. The tool has features like auto-complete, spelling corrections, built-in text editor, and hotkeys. This application saves a lot of time for the writer and has the benefit of avoiding redundancy.


  1. Productivity tools




This is an extension used in Google Chrome browser that allows writers to indulge in other non-productive sites for a limited time then blocks the sites when the time is up. It employs the phrase ‘all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy’ by allowing writers an escape for that specified period.


[email protected]


This is a neuroscience-based tool that integrates music while working. The music is scientifically proven to optimize productivity. The application allows for customization based on the mood and the music preference.




This interface blocks social media sites that would otherwise lower work concentration. This tool generally controls time wasting internet addictions and is therefore appropriate for any freelance writer.


  1. Writing tools


Microsoft Word


This is the most common writing tool. It has a variety of features to choose from depending on the type of content the writer wants. Templates such as graphs, charts, formatting and editing features, and an inbuilt spell checker are why Windows users prefer it. It provides the basic surface for writers to input their work.


Write or Die 2


This tool has an inbuilt timer that automatically goes off once the writer fails to achieve the targeted word count. It provides punishment by deleting what has been typed or setting off alarming sounds. This interface is relatively important to users who remiss in their work periodically.


According to the trends in the labor market, freelance writing jobs have increased over the years since the working population is deviating from the normal workplaces and working hours. Due to this wave of change in career, app and web developers are coming up with tools and resources that will make work more effective, efficient and improve readability. This writing career requires a ton of dedication and passion to achieve the end results, that is, to become affluent. In the future, freelance writing will only indulge specialized writers, who, because of the rising demand, will have to be accommodated in big businesses.


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