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Business has been grown up to a vast scale. Every profession has its competition in which business organizations tend to get as many customers as they can. Thanks to the advanced progress of the internet, every aspect of customers’ need has been reshaped. Now, the business community tries to comfort the customers at maximum. For this purpose, a popular way is to get the best TV experience while the customers have a visit at their office or outlet.

What does the Customer Want to Watch?

There is a difference between TV at home and the office. For home users, TV services are mostly about entertainment, news, and family. Hence, home users get channels almost up to 300. But for business purposes, there must be diversity in the channel lineup yet no irrelative channel. Reason for this unique requirement is that every customer visiting the office has not enough time to explore 200 channels. They would probably search 5 to 10 channels and start watching. There are many places where TV can be installed like restaurants, bars, company outlet, waiting for the hall of a health clinic, and gyms.  So people in business should provide the channels that will grab the customer’s attraction.

How can it benefit the Business?

A question comes into mind that what is the benefit of all such arrangement? How can it benefit the business in any way? Well, it has specific positive impacts on the business.

Just like some of the providers in the television industry today, there are plenty of benefits you can get.

We will discuss some benefits of business TV.

Restaurants & Bars:

Restaurants and bars are favorite places to go. We spend a lot of time there. If a big screen TV with clear HD resolution is on and live to broadcast of popular sports events like the NFL or NBA, customers will spend more time. While sitting, they will order drinks or meals. Hence, revenue increases in this way.

For Waiting Halls:

Customers sitting in the waiting halls in the doctor’s clinic or a law office or at company outlet may get frustrated soon. But if their attention is diverted to their favorite TV channel through the TV placed in the waiting hall, they will happily wait for more time. So it makes a positive image of the business organization.

TV in the Office for You:

Besides customers, you also need a better TV service in your office. Being a businessman, he is required to keep an eye on what’s happening around? Especially about the business news as it can affect you in some way. It means that you also need the service which covers your requirements. There are many cable service providers in the US which offer TV for business purposes. Some of them are Comcast, AT&T, and Charter Spectrum. Among them, Charter is more reasonable regarding cost and service. So, we will discuss its business TV service.

Why Charter Spectrum?

As we have discussed earlier, business TV is much different from the residential. Charter Spectrum TV is appreciable in this context as it covers all needs of a regular business TV. It is one of the friendly services in the business community. The reason lies behind its popularity is the affordable and reliable service of Charter Spectrum.

Here, we will explore its packages that are suitable for every type of business. Charter offers its packages in two modes according to the industry.

It offers packages separately for

  • Office & Waiting Halls
  • Bars& Restaurants

TV for Office & Waiting Halls:

For the office rooms and waiting halls, it has two packages.

  1. Spectrum Business TV:

This package will provide

  • 45+ HD Channels
  • Local news, entertainment, and select channels
  • Channels like CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX News, and ESPN News, etc.
  • Best for local small business
  1. Spectrum Business TV Premier:

This package offers

  • 80+ HD channels plus all the channels included in Business TV package
  • Most commonly used cable networks covered
  • Best for large nationwide businesses
  • Channels like ESPN, NFL Network, CN, Discovery, and USA network
TV for Bars & Restaurants:

Bars and restaurants demand a more diverse channel lineup than office and waiting halls. Considering this requirement, Charter Spectrum TV has designed different packages for this industry.

It has three packages in this category.

  1. Business TV:

This package covers

  • 45+ HD channels
  • Top family, sports, and news channels programming
  • 50 music channels from each music category
  • Option to set the music channels according to your customers’ choice
  • Best for local bars and restaurants with local programming
  1. Entertainment TV:

This offer includes

  • 80+ HD channels
  • More programming for entertainment, sports, and family channels
  • Channels with international programming like French, Japanese, and South Asian.
  • Also includes all channels of business TV package.
  • Best for bars and restaurants that need a broader range of channels
  1. Game Time TV:

This exclusive offer provides

  • 30 Sports channels with two networks from every region for complete sports coverage
  • Also includes all channels of Entertainment TV package.
  • Best to grab sports lover customers.
Best Channel Lineup for Customers:

Charter offers the best channel lineup according to the needs of the industry. It has different channel lineup in different areas. For exact channel lineup, Call Spectrum TV customer representative or visit

  • After having these enough features, it’s logical to conclude Charter business TV as the suitable service for the business community.
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