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Along with the brewery’s slushes, we received a can of Wiley Roots (Greeley, Colorado)’s Citradonkulous. This double IPA (8.4% ABV) is one of the best brews we’ve reviewed in 2018, due to the sheer depth of flavors that it contains. This is even more impressive when one considers that Citradonkulous does not contain any fruit material. The beer pours with a opaque tangerine to goldenrod coloration and a small amount of white head that laces its way down the glass.

Citrus elements – a bit of orange and lemon – are interlaced throughout each pounder can. A bit of mango and apricot make their way through at points too. The sweeter side of these elements are moderated with a fair amount of bitterness, contributed by the titular hops. Other notes creep in at points – a bit of wheat here, some hay there; the crispness at the end of each sip is enough to refresh one’s palette and give imbibers the energy that they need to finish the can.

For additional information about the entirety of Wiley Roots’ year-round and seasonal releases, check out their domain. Further up to date information can be gleaned from the brewery’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Check out our beer review section for our coverage of WR’s California Limeade slush next.

Rating: 9.8/10

Citradankulous (Wiley Roots) / New England Double India Pale Ale / 8.4% ABV / 60 IBU / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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