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Dating multiple people at a time, or having an alternative romantic relationship, might actually sound like a pretty cool idea in case if you have feelings for more than just one person. However, there are a few extremely important things to remember, like brushing up on what is most important in a romantic relationship and how to properly deal with the nasty green-eyed monster named jealousy. Among other things, the most important one is to keep it totally open and honest with those people involved. An article by the authors of “Is romancecompass scam?”

Do you really have feelings for more than one partner?

The fact is, it is not all that uncommon to be attracted to more than one individual at the same time. Still whether or not you’re acting on those feelings will not only affect you. Thus, if you feel like you actually want to have more than just one date, make absolutely sure that each side involved in the relationship understands everything and is totally okay with it. What’s more, be sure that YOU can handle it. In this way, think about whether you are ready for all the controversial feelings, emotions, and situations that might come along with dating multiple people.

Is it a good idea to date more than one partner at a time?

If you’re dating somebody, and you have not talked about the engagement yet (including the question of how exclusive you would be), avoid assuming that the other parties will be alright with you dating someone else. What we mean is, many people just won’t appreciate it. By the way, not knowing whether it is alright with your partner, or even hiding what you’re really up to, is a solid recipe for a huge emotional disaster for each person involved.

Below are some of the best ideas for when you eventually decide to start dating someone, still you’re not sure you are absolutely ready for such a complex romantic relationship:

  1. Talk with your date about what your true expectations are, as well as what is or is not okay for both of you.
  1. Agree on what you wish your romantic relationship to involve.
  1. Think about how your actions and choices (especially your sexual choices) may affect your regular partner and the other individual involved. Will they rather hurt or embarrass them, or bring some sort of emotional conflict? Believe it, this one is of vast importance if you want to protect your partner’s emotional health before anything else.
  1. Always be respectful of other partners’ feelings and choices. In this case, if you are not totally sure of how they feel about you, be sure to ask them. Avoid making assumptions as well. If someone loves you, they want you to be happy. You can’t possibly force another person to accept something they don’t like.
  1. Don’t do anything you are not sure that both of you are completely okay with. In this case, if you or your significant other doesn’t feel safe or happy enough, be honest about it, and discuss the issue with them in order to resolve the problem.
  1. Learn to recognize and effectively deal with jealousy.

All in all, if your partner’s actions or choices are anyhow causing you to be unhappy, and you have exhausted literally all other options, such as talking openly with them, and seeking for professional help, then you should think about ending such an unhealthy relationship. Dating is supposed to be fun, you know.

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