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Are you familiar with such phenomenon? Have you ever heard about the lamination film? If yes? Read the article and learn more. If your answer is “no”? we highly recommend you to acquainted with that issue. Surfing the Internet you can come across various definition of it. As a rule they are complicated and have no sense. In order to make your life easier we have collected only brief and appropriate facts about that.

Laminating machines need the right laminating film to be effective and functional. These products are widely available in the market today due to the increasing demand of consumers for better quality and fresher products at reasonable prices. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to find different types of aforementioned product. Below we presented the most popular one that will grab your attention.

Businesses today are listening and meeting the demands of consumers by using lamination on their products and documents for a better looking of final product. Different types off company have a tendency to use such technology in order to improve the quality of the product. We want you to be aware of everything that is why keep reading. Laminated products also tend to reflect the professional image and brand of the company to increase consumer confidence in the brand and company.

Laminating machines

The right laminating film must be applied to the right laminating machine for the best effect on the final product. Laminating machines of various brands and forms are available in the market by different manufacturers. These include thermal based and pressure sensitive devices which come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months. Others offer a complete engineers’ service support on parts and labor. Extended warranty is available on bigger laminating machines if purchased from authorized suppliers or manufacturers.

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Some of the more popular small to medium laminating machines include Imagecare 320, Dolphins G models and Excel 355Q. These laminators are cost-effective and easy to use with high performance for a high quality finish.

It is easy to source for their lamination film in the market to ensure continuous functioning.

Types of films

The more popular I-Bar laminators use the common PVC shrink wrap or the easily available Polyolefin film which are clear encapsulation films. PVC films can be commonly found with packaging CDs and DVDs as well as boxes. Polyolefin films are applied mainly on food with fewer odors.

These are impulse sealers which exude fewer odors using thermal or impulse sealing. No edges are burned to offer a nicer presentation.

The myriad of lamination film options in the market allows consumers to choose the best film that would offer the highest protection for their important documents and products. Lamination films can be made of polyester, nylon or polypropylene. These film options provide great quality finishes for a more attractive and presentable product offering to customers while ensuring the best of protection from moisture, decay, and rough handling.


The laminated product can enjoy a longer lifespan where its freshness is retained, and inked contents do not fade so easily with time. Manufacturers save more money from less wastage as well as enjoy a better reputation for fresh supplies.

Consumers are more assured of the product’s quality and the company’s high standard in its production process.


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