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Obesity and morbid obesity are a set of severe clinical symptoms that describe a disease that is mainly characterized by the excessive accumulation of body fat. In obese individuals this accumulation occurs in a progressive and non-reversible way. Obese patients are also beset by various other related pathologies. These pathologies are also known as co-morbidities and represent serious health risks such as cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases as well as endocrine and hormonal disorders. Additionally, obese individuals are also prone to suffer from dermatological and bone diseases and in general possess an inferior quality of life.

The medical community assesses a patient’s obesity through the use of the Body Mass Index or BMI. Any patient with a BMI reading that is greater than 30 is considered mildly obese. If a patient possesses a Body Mass Index greater than 50 then he or she is considered morbidly obese. Any readings above 60 BMI are representative of extreme cases of excess weight and extremely poor fitness and health.

Thoroughly adopting an exercise routine is one of the most effective and energy efficient ways in which to stave off excess weightand avoid developing obesity. A Muay Thai training regime is my recommended go to solution to obesity prevention and a surefire guarantee of good health.

The discipline of Muay Thai combines strength and cardiovascular training into a dynamic program that will increase your power-to-weight ratio as well as enhance the basal metabolic rate in your body. The combination of these two factors results in a marked and sustainable weight loss.

Muay Thai workouts consist of punching, kicking, and varied striking with both elbows and knees. Therefore the primary muscle groups of the body are thoroughly developed. Additionally you will notice incredible gains in the strength of the chest and shoulders muscles as well as significant gains in agility due to a higher hip mobility. These training programs are the equivalent of a full gym session that includes the full gamut of lifts, presses, pull downs, and squats; therefore the amount of weight loss you can expect is comparable to a full time gym routine.

Truly, if you are searching for a consistent and dynamic method to cut down excess fat and improve your overall fitness and health levels, you need look no further than Muay Thai. Undoubtedly, the people of Thailand know best in this regard. Thailand’s Muay Thai camp programs cover the entire experience of learning and safely training in this exciting sport.

Muay Thai training provides your body a complete workout and enables you to reap benefits unlike any other comparable combat sport discipline. Thailand has figured out a way to facilitate this process for foreigners and locals alike. These training camps provide room and board, nutritional guidance as well as state of the art facilities and equipment. By Muay Thai boxing camp is one of good choice.  If you want to enjoy good health and remain thin, while getting stronger and more agile than ever, Muay Thai is the simplest and most straightforward approach to achieving your dreams.

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