Posted on: November 8, 2018 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

This last time we reviewed Tris McCall, it was through his contributions to Jim Testa’s There Goes The Neighborhood CD.  During “Conspiracy Theory”, McCall is able to call back to the 1980s with nods to R.E.M. and Warren Zevon. Synthesizers, a backing set of female vocals, and a world-conscious set of lyrics make Conspiracy Theory into something brilliant. With a production allowing each element to shine alone or in service to the whole composition, Tris’s latest is something that can stand up to repeat plays. On point, poignant, and with a fun, bouncy sound, Conspiracy Theory is a fun track to brighten these cold, rainy nights.

Tris McCall “Conspiracy Theory” / Domain / Almanac

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