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Today, the market is full of many different brands, models, and kinds of watches. As you try to find one that fits your personality and style, you may easily get overwhelmed. Even those not new to the world of watches will probably get spoilt for choice with the number of possible options to choose from. Below, we have rounded the best types of watches to explain a little about them and hopefully help you make the right choice.

  1. Digital Watch

A digital watch displays the hours, minutes and seconds in digits rather than by hands on dial. Digital watches tell time easily and accurately. They are very convenient, especially for those who want a quick and easy watch to read.

  • Analog Watch

The analog watch is the oldest and resembles the clock display with hour numbers (1-12) positioned circularly. Some have the traditional numbers while others use Roman numerals.

  • Automatic Watch

Also known as a self-winding watch, automatic watches are analog watches that moves as you move your wrist. Once the arm moves, the half-disc metal weight rotates and automatically winds the mainspring. The weight plate stores the energy which keeps the watch working even when you’re not wearing it.

  • Quartz Watch

This is an analog watch, and it uses quartz crystals to drive the mechanics. Electricity is passed through the quartz crystal, and a natural phenomenon occurs that causes the crystal to vibrate at a constant rate. Though quartz watches require batteries, they are not digital watches.

  • Chronograph

A chronograph allows you to use your watch as a stopwatch. If you get involved in sports like races, a chronograph can be very useful. They also look good and are perfect for weekends. A well-designed chronograph dial can convey a lot of information while still being aesthetically pleasing. Chronographs should not be confused with Chronometers. A chronograph must have a button for controlling the stopwatch function and keeping accurate times.

  • Dive Watch

These are high-tech watches designed specifically for divers. They are waterproof (100-330 m) and can withstand the pressure while diving deep down. They are quite versatile and smart enough to be worn with a suit as well as casual wear. Their most distinguishing feature is the unidirectional bezel, which enables the diver to see how long they’ve been under water.

  • Aviator

Just as there are watches for divers, there are also watches specifically made for pilots. These aviation timepieces symbolize the ideal fusion of style and durability. It features big and bold markers, with a big watch case. It’s perfect for casual wear and comes with some additional functions such as tachymeter and chronograph.

  • Dress Watch

A dress watch is used for formal, black-tie events hence is usually simple and gorgeous. Modern dress watches use attractive, quality materials to exude an understated elegance. It’s not some flashy watch with diamonds or a chronograph. It’s just subtle and charming. It blends well with your business suit, your tux, dinner jacket, and your casual jeans and t-shirt. Check out different brands and designs of dress watches on

  • Military Watch

The popularity of wristwatches can be attributed to the military watch and pilot watch. Just like aviator and dive watches, military watches are built upon purpose. Initially designed for officers to help them coordinate attacks, withstand the rigors of the battle, and tell time at night, these watches continue to evince a military vibe and are quite stylish as well. Today, field watches continue to advance with more sophisticated features like radio-controlled synchronization and GPS.

The military watch is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, due to its rugged and manly styling.

  1. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a high-tech watch that has an operating system and can connect with your smartphone.  From receiving messages to tracking other notifications from your smartphone, a smartwatch can do a lot of things. Currently, smartwatches can pick up calls, monitor activities, notify of calendar events, etc. Some also have a GPS and a heartbeat sensor to function as a fitness watch.

  1. GMT Watch

Different geographic locations on earth have different time zones based on the longitude they lie on. For people who frequently travel across the globe, it can be a problem keeping track of time. GMT watch solves that problem by providing an extra dial with hour and minute hands for displaying an additional time zone. Most GMT watches also have an extra hand that displays time in the 24-hour format. The Rolex GMT Master II and Rotary Havana GMT are examples of such watches.

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