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Little Animal begins Fox and Bones’ new album, Better Land. The bouncy alt-pop that immediately issues forth blends together the vocal stylings of Cat Stevens and John Popper. With a robust instrumentation that will have listeners’ toes tapping after the single’s first play, Fox and Bones are able to continue on to Love Me Like A River. 

Love Me Like A River whips in a bit of country and blues styling, with each shuffling drum beat and twangy guitar riff tattooing its melody deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The two-part (male/female) vocal harmonies imparts additional depth upon the single, providing further momentum for this release. Reckless has a honky-tonk sound that whips in just enough in the way of gospel music to make the track effortlessly bring in fans of the widest possible swath of music. The keys and spontaneous-sounding drum fills on Reckless further separates this cut from the rest of the music garnering airplay today. Better Land is a late-disc single that calls back to the Melloncamp / Meatloaf ballad style, replete with robust drums, guitars, and a haunting set of keys.

Any Of It With You is the penultimate track on Better Land; the effort showcases where Fox and Bones may ultimately go on future recordings. Soulful, laid-back, and timeless in its sound, Any Of It With You will be that effort that you’ll be singing along with long after this CD ceases to play. The contemplative guitar lines that comprise the backing beat work well with the funk-infused horns. Welcome Home concludes things with just enough Mumford and Sons and Dylan to make old new again; this vocal-heavy composition is intimate and ends things with tremendous beauty. 

Top Tracks: Love Me Like A River, Any Of It With You

Rating: 8.6/10

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