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The benefits of online marketing seem so obviously self-evident: access to a large audience, access to marketing technology and the potential for more sales. These are definitely good things for any business to have, but as valuable as these may seem, they are not the most important benefits of online marketing.

The real benefits are these:

1. Cost

Planning and carrying out an online marketing campaign is a lot cheaper than organizing a real world marketing campaign. Distributing a set of flyers, for example, costs hundreds of dollars, and are only effective for the next two to three weeks. Likewise, commissioning a billboard can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

In contrast, setting up a website and promoting it on the search engines only requires a few hundred dollars. For this amount, not only are you able to expose your business to a large number of potential customers, you will also be able to do so at a fraction of the cost of real world marketing campaigns.

2. Customization

Online marketing offers better customization options than real world marketing. A website, for example, may be customized to feature all kinds of content and not just written texts. It can also include videos, audios and occasionally interactive multimedia.

In contrast, other forms of marketing are more or less constrained by the limitations of their medium. For example, billboards are limited to visual images, while radio ads are only accessible through radio. Online marketing allows you to customize your marketing message using a wide variety of tools and methods, which in turn leads to more unique content.

3. Social Outreach

Social outreach is another important benefit behind online marketing. When you promote something on the internet, you’re not just promoting a product. You’re also reaching out to actual people and interacting with them. This is why social media marketing and online PR are so important.

It’s one thing to promote a particular product. Getting people to love your brand requires a different set of activities and that’s one of the best things that the internet offers to business owners.

4. Search Engine Marketing

Finally, there are the search engines. Online marketing allows you to use search engines to promote your brand message. Search engines allow you to tweak your marketing campaign to only target your audience. Furthermore, Google offers a lot of tools that allow you to optimize your marketing strategy in ways that are impossible or too costly in the real world marketing.

For more information on how that process works, and how it benefits entrepreneurs, visit this SEM expert. There you’ll find the best tools and strategies on how to use search engines to promote your business’ marketing goals.


Although the online marketing allows businesses to reach a potentially large audience, that’s not what it’s about. Online marketing is about building and establishing stronger relations with your audience, so as to secure your brand’s niche while growing at a consistent rate. To put it another way, it’s about precision and efficiency as opposed to size and volume, and that’s what online marketing is all about.

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