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High end shopping isn’t a thing, it’s a feeling, a way of life. Those who shop ‘high end’ have unique needs and crave quality and confidence in a brand, they understand the age old saying ‘you pay for what you get’. High end shopping isn’t about paying the highest price possible for an item, it is about recognising the value of a product and feeling that the price of the product is justified by the value it will bring to you over time. People do not ‘purchase’ high end products, they make an ‘investment’ into them.


The quality of a product can be quantified in several ways. Certainly, the quality of materials used to create a product is a core consideration, but quality extends much further than that. The quality of how the product is manufactured is also of great importance. Mass produced items, in factories on conveyor belts generally do not scream ‘high end’. The manufacturing process for ‘high end’ items tends to be more bespoke and either produced by hand or produced in limited numbers.

In clothing terms, a great example of this is items of clothing produced by the designer Bruno Cucinelli from Italy who is renowned for being the King of Cashmere. Bruno Cucinelli began manufacturing his cashmere sweaters in his garage in 1985. Those who recognise the value of his iconic brand will understand his lifelong dream to “simultaneously “safeguard” the artistic and cultural heritage of the world” and the intricate manufacturing process he uses to fulfil this, his personal obligation to his customer.


Finding the balance between quality and design is at the forefront of every reputable designers’ personal objective. Uniqueness and originality play a huge part in the value of a product and ‘high end’ status. Other brands like Oscar De La Renta epitomise this balance with world renowned designs that are easily recognisable due to their use of fur, dirndls, embroidery, floral and Latin flare. Oscar De La Renta design is in huge demand world wide by women with a desire for a classic, refined elegant style with many of his pieces having been adorned by some of the world’s most famous female celebrities.


Famous brands are not something that has happened over night. A brand that is well known or even world renowned has built over time. It is the result of the continuous production of quality, design and durability. A famous brand is like the summary of thousands of customer reviews, evident in the name being so heavily recognised and in the products of the brand being in such high demand.

Branding is all about perception. We perceive that a well known brand is as such due to it’s known quality and style through the experience of hundreds or even thousands of people. This in turn is what gives a brand it’s perceived value and ‘high end’ status.

If you are not familiar with a brand or would like to qualify public perception then there are publications dedicated to giving unbiased reviews on products to give you peace of mind and a further insight into the brands ‘high end’ status and perceived value before you decide to make an investment.

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