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Winning is of course more fun than losing. If you gamble a lot you can’t deny that you also sometimes lose and you might have to deal with losses for a long period.

Gamblers from all over the world and with all kinds of backgrounds, various finances, other interests and different levels of experience can tell you that losses can really hurt you. It goes without saying that you want to leave behind an unfortunate period in gambling, but how do you get out of that negative, vicious circle?

Learning to lose

If you want to gamble on a regular basis, you have to be at peace that sooner or later you will end up in an unfortunate period in which you lose a lot. People who have been betting for a long time can undoubtedly tell you that it is almost impossible to hold a winning period for a long time especially in games like online videoslots. Sooner or later it goes wrong and then it is the art to stay calm. This means that you must be able to be strong at that unfortunate moment and simply leave with pain in your heart and an empty wallet.

The first time is always the heaviest; you lose a large amount or have already lost a few times in a row. It is depressing and your motivation usually does not increase. Ideally, you want to continue with ordinary or online gambling to make up for your loss as quickly as possible. Whether that is wise, however, is doubtful. It would be better to learn to lose, so that you have the strength to walk away and return twice as strong.

It can happen anytime and anywhere

Even if you have a favorite game that you have never lost, you may be faced with losses sooner or later. Given that losses do not always occur, it is important to know that you are not the first to lose, but you will certainly not be the last. And above all; after losing, sooner or later ‘just’ will come a moment when you will win. Do not let an unfortunate period keep you from trying again next time, even on your favorite game where you suddenly lost money.

Negative thoughts

The worst thing that can happen during an unfortunate period of losses is that you start to think negatively; I never win again, the losses will not stop, the game is no longer made for me and so on. Sounds familiar? The tension of the game can cause all kinds of different human emotions to come up; happiness, grief, anger, joy, trifle. There are ways to eliminate negative emotions and to counterbalance you again to make a profit after an unfortunate period.

Take responsibility

Losses in the casino you always do yourself, especially if you choose a game that is based on a lucky factor. So before you blame other elements, such as the casino or game itself, it is good to take your own responsibility.

The pity party

Ever been in a casino and lost all your money within fifteen minutes? So many accidents are unique, but you will experience it sooner or later. Even the most easy-looking profit can ultimately turn out negative and you will be ready quickly. But of course, as a preventative step, considering that you are a Canadian, playing on best online casino Canada can reduce the risk of things happening undesirable.

Your first emotion will then not be positive and chances are you will get angry, at the bar you will drink away your grief or you let your emotions influence the rest of the evening. Gambling, however, is still for your pleasure and should stay that way. Can you join the pity party? In other words, your loss can still remain positive and happy.

Choose ‘lucky charms’

Gambling and superstitions have been hand-in-hand for decades. So-called lucky charms, however strange it may sound, can ensure that you get a positive vibe again. You can think of a ‘stone or knot of happiness’, the fingers crossed method, a special ritual prior to gambling and you name it. The moment that so-called lucky charms help you win again, you are undoubtedly willing to use it more often. It may sound crazy, but after an unfortunate period lucky charms can help you to experience the happiness of winning again.

Only gamble with what you can miss

The hallmark of an unfortunate period in gambling is that you are going to gamble with money that you can’t really miss, just to make up for your loss in one go. This can be the prelude to more loss and a completely unfortunate period. It is one of the basic rules of gambling to only use money that you can miss by definition, for example a part of your wages that you leave at the end of the week. Do not choose to forcibly make up for losses, because you make choices that you would not normally have made. Sometimes it is better to temporarily walk away from the table and take your loss. Next time you have new opportunities.

In essence, everything leads to emotional control. As long as you can control your emotions, you will not go to permanent destruction.

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