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The basic foundation of an IT company depends on strategizing. Therefore you need a strategy maker for running a business, and then you also need a manager to manage things at any level and in any step. This means business needs a strategist and manager, and similarly, an IT firm needs them too.

The combination of management and strategy making

This combination of managing and strategizing is a deadly great one. Every business needs a manager, and again every business needs a strategist. And an IT firm needs both. Hence the duo, when found in one, makes for a great solution. Managers who are good strategists have always been adding to the growth and development of a company in IT. And there are many different aspects to be handled in an IT firm in strategy making and managing things in this field. Hence the demand for a good IT manager who is a strategist is high in the industry.

The job role of an IT manager strategist

The job role of an IT manager and strategist is to make plans for managing the different departments on an office so that things work in coordination without clashes and all departments work by helping each other to ensure timely completion of work which maximizes productivity. This is just in a nutshell, but there are many more responsibilities involved in the job, which needs the professional to have an in-depth knowledge of IT management.

The primary concern of an IT manager

The main concern or lookout of an IT manager is to manage the day to day smooth operations of technology in IT so that the business runs smoothly. This does not mean that all workforce is cut short by machines only, but this definitely means that the efficiency of machines gets increased, and time for execution and production, etc. gets minimized while quality and volume of output is maintained and maximized. When goals in business are achieved by implementing information technology in the right way with a proper strategy, there you would find an IT manager come strategist working.

The requirement for new talent

The industry is constantly in search of new talents in IT managers and strategists who can handle the latest and sophisticated technologies. You can be one of them when you also complete your IT degree and certifications from a reputed place and then keep on updating yourself at a pace that is matched with the innovations in IT.

The main challenge in front of IT managers is that often without getting updated, they get backdated, and do not have a clue of how to handle and strategize with new tools and techniques. The world of IT is fast changing. What is a system today can be history in just a day or week. That is why to keep up with this fast evolving world, the pace of the manager and strategist also must be high and also the zeal to learn and stay updated should be there. Hence the requirement of certifications arise.

Where to start

If you already have passed management in IT, and are a confident manager and strategist, then also in a few months or years your skills may get blunt, because you did not keep up with the changing IT world. The way out of this situation so that you do not lose your job, and also may seek a better job is to get certified with the latest IT skills and learning. You must, therefore, find a reputed institution. There are many institutions and authorities which gives reliable and reputed IT certifications to their students upon successful completion of courses. And to keep up with the changing world, you must check for such certificate course from time to time. However, if you are a fresh graduate or school pass out, and are planning to seek a career in IT management and strategy making, then you can directly start from a fundamental course in this field from a reputed institute.


The scope of getting a job in IT management and strategy field is high. You just need to prove yourself by completing a course from a good place, and then you may get placed or try as an intern in a company. Internships often teach you a lot and help you grow in ideas so that you develop to handle bigger projects on your own risk in the future. And if you do this, then you can grow better. But the foundation pillar to the career must be thoughtfully made by selecting a good certificate course from a reputed place and completing it with diligence.

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