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Have you ever seen some random piece of plastic or strange appliance and wondered “what the heck could that possibly do?” and “who would even buy it?”. Which is fair, as some household gadgets are nothing more than gimmicks.

However, if you look at some of these strange inventions, a few of them can be truly game-changing. Check out some of these unique gadgets and tools we’ve sorted through for you, and see how they could benefit you, like they have done for us!

  1. Portable Gas Detectors

The first gadget on the list is not only life-changing but potentially life-saving: the portable gas detector. Gas detectors can be installed in the home or come these more compact versions.

These tools, like the ones found at Australian Dynamic Technologies, alert you when there are dangerous gases in the air. The small device lets you know if levels of Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, or other toxic gases get to high, saving you and your family from disaster.

  • Heated Mattress Pads

A heated mattress pad is next on the list. This may seem like a luxury, but once you own this comfortable item you will never want to look back. It’s essentially a piece of fabric which, depending on the brand, goes under your sheets or sits atop your bed and heats its surface area to a comfortable temperature. No longer will you have to slip into a freezing bed on an already cold night. It’s great for everyone during winter and can help those with aches and pains apply some heat therapy all year round.

Most mattress pads like these come with a remote so you can control the temperature while lying down, or in advance. Soon you’ll find your most comfortable setting, and you won’t know how you ever lived without it.         

  • Water Flosser

Water flossers may look strange from the outside, but will quickly make you your dentists favorite patient. A water flosser hooks up to your water supply, usually through your sink faucet, and sprays a steady stream of water so you can get to hard to reach places in your mouth and remove the plaque without stress.

For those who like their tech customized, they come in tons of shapes and colors. You’re in control of how pressurized the stream of water is, so it should never hurt instead just leave you feeling squeaky clean. MUCH easier than using awkward regular floss.

  • Charging Pads

Do you ever get tired of digging through a pile of cords? Or have you ever found the right one and then realize it’s frayed so it only works when you bend it exactly right? With a charging pad you never have to worry about that again.

Charging pads allow you to place your devices on one surface, and they charge through the transfer of energy without any cords involved. This takes the stress out of charging your phone battery and running around to find your charger. Just make sure the mat you buy and the device you own are compatible and you’re all set! You never have to worry about losing your charger or breaking the flimsy cord again.


All in all, there are tons of cool gadgets out there, and more are being invented every day. But the best gadget is the one you get the most use out of. What’s perfect for someone else might not work in your house or in your life. Soon you’ll find a tool you can’t believe you ever lived without!

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