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There are many unique restaurants around the world. One of these is Wingstop. It is outstanding due to the fact that they offer chicken wings as their staple and main dishes! The original branch of Wingstop is located in Dallas, Texas in the USA. Wingstop was founded in 1994 with a vision to bring buffalo-style chicken wings to the masses. This variety of chicken wings are known for its flavor and hot sauces. Wingstop also provides a fantastic dining experience at an affordable price.

Here is more about its legendary journey and delicious chicken wings.

What can you get at Wingstop?

This restaurant serves a wide variety of buffalo-style chicken wings. Clients can order either the boneless or the classic wings. These are available in various flavors too. Examples of these include the Lemon Pepper, Original Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian and the Atomic flavors. There are also some flavors such as Teriyaki, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Cajun, Mild and Louisiana Rub. These flavors have impressed diners and turned them into regulars. The brand has now expanded overseas to the Philippines.

American wings in Asia

The first Wingstop branch in the Philippines is located at Regis Center on Katipunan Avenue. This is in Quezon City. Upon stepping into the venue, you are immediately engulfed in tasteful interiors. There are murals on the walls presenting mascots for each flavor. The venue also has a warm ambiance characterized by wood, steel and leather. This Wingstop outlet has traditional dining tables surrounded by round stools. They give it a retro, fast-food appearance. The menu is entirely self-service. This means that you can pick what you want quickly and order it.

Unique dishes delivery

After ordering your wings at Wingstop, you are required to wait for 14 minutes. This gives the chefs ample time to prepare your wings perfectly. Once they have been served, it is very easy to notice your flavor of choice in the wings. Its aroma tantalizes you as soon as you unwrap your meal. The texture is crispier than any other wings, which you might try out anywhere else. This is because the wings are deep-fried naked. No bread or batter is added to them during preparation. After they are ready, the wings, tossed in the sauce.

Some of the other dishes which you can enjoy at Wingstop include chicken tenders, breast tenderloin, rice and French fries. If you order multiple pieces at the current Wingstop prices, you are served with some dip. The tenderloin is tasty and supremely juicy. Moreover, the French fries have a tangy, yet sweet taste. There are 6 types of sauces at this Wingstop outlet. Some of the most outstanding ones include honey mustard, blue cheese and ranch. They are categorized as complementary dishes along with the Coleslaw appetizer and potato salad.

Wingstop is unique from other restaurants because they serve the tastiest wings! With branches in the USA and the Philippines, the brand is slowly bringing its buffalo-style wings to the world. Accompanied by sauces and side dishes, their wings are tantalizing and aromatic at the same time!

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