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Having a swimming pool in your compound is fulfilling especially during the very hot seasons or also if swimming is one of your hobbies (If you’re interested in adult swimming classes, click here). It also adds beauty and class to your home and garden. However, it is vital to ensure the swimming pool is maintained under healthy and clean conditions.

Though there are numerous cleaning tools available at your disposal these days, the challenge lies in maintaining them, the frequent tool blade replacement and need of different tools for the different surfaces of the pool can end up being really costly.  It is an avoidable factor to anyone who owns a swimming pool because it should always be safe for use and also to avoid unnecessary costs due to negligence. 

Tips on maintaining a clean, healthy and ready to use Pool

  • Maintaining Chemical Levels

This is the most important way of keeping the pool water clean. Pool water chlorine and pH need to be regularly tested using a water testing kit. Chlorine is effectively used to kill bacteria and germs hence keeping pool water clean. Appropriate good pH levels should read between 7.2 and 7.6 whereas chlorine should be between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million.

  • Skimming and emptying the skimmer basket

Due to the open nature of a swimming pool, everything enters into the swimming pool via the water surface. The skimmer needs to be regularly emptied so as it can accommodate more dirt that is being skimmed.

  • Maintaining Constant Water Levels

Maintaining water levels ensures that the pump doesn’t run dry or burns out because of low water levels and if the water levels are high the skimmer door is unable to keep debris in the skimmer properly.

  • Get Rid of Algae

Swimming pools tend developing lingering bacteria or growing algae. In such cases, you need to super-chlorinate or shock the pool water.  The shock treatment is added to the water depending on the size of the pool. Also, the water should be treated with Algaecide to kill any growing algae in the pool. Algae are known to cause the pool water to turn green and cloudy.

  • Backwash

A water filter in a pool is essential. It swallows dirt and tiny microscopic debris that might be in the pool water. However, this water filter needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging. The cleaning process involves water flowing from the opposite direction through the filter; it’s known as backwashing. Whenever the water begins to look cloudy you know, it’s time to backwash.

  • Using a Pool Robot

A pool robot is an automated pool cleaner that does an excellent quick clean-up off electricity. Perhaps one of the best pool robot available in the market is Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner. It scans and runs on its own around the swimming pool floor, climbing stairs and walls. It also has dual scrubbing brushes to pick large and small debris effectively.

  • Using Pool Cover during Winter

During winter when swimming activity is almost nil, a pool cover helps keep off any form of debris covering the water surface. In case it rains, or snows on the cover the water should be pumped out and any leaves or debris swept off.

  • Installing a Vacuum System

A vacuum system is normally attached to the filter system to help maintain a clean and healthy pool.

  • Adhering to Pool Safety Rules

Pets, animals, vegetation’s and chemical should be kept far away from a pool unless there are being used under maximum supervision by an adult. Mishandling chemicals near a pool can lead to water poisoning whereas waste from animals becomes food for algae making the water to turn green.

  • Salty water pool

The advantage of a saltwater pool or  ‘chlorine generator,’ as it is popularly known is that it produces its own chlorine. So it saves the hustle of buying and handling it. However, the system tends to push pH up so you will have to use more acid.

In Conclusion, preventive pool maintenance is as crucial as taking care of an automobile or home appliances for purposes of longevity. Heeding to the simple, applicable advice above goes a long way to save money and time. It’s just a matter of making a choice and making it a habit.

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