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The girlies are inspired by our famous B town divas, it seems. Whether it comes to choosing and wearing the styles that prevails in Bollywood or Hollywood, or wearing the latest flip flops; these are some things that will never go. Flip flop forms the staple style statement for all – the common people (females and girlies and the tinsel town divas too).

Flip flops are the foremost common kinds of casual shoes that square measure technically noted as thong sandals. It contains a Y formed strap that separates the massive toe from the others. Flip flop sandals are usually made using foam, vinyl, rubber, webbing, or some other kind of material that you may not mind getting wet; they are almost always flat and are normally less costly than other types of sandals.

The fashion trend always begins with fashion designers slaying and swaying their designs on runways and this trends seeps in and sets in with majority. The same happens with footwear. Flip flops are the latest trend and love for girls.  Hot seller in summers, flip flops have made quite a high style statement. So get up and rush to the mall/outlet to grab your pairs of flip flop. Also, you can buy trending designs in flip flop using Flipkart Sale at reasonable prices.

Flip flops will facilitate dress down an elaborate maxi dress for daytime (just combine with a cute statement purse and you are sensible to go). On the other hand, a more avant-garde pair looks great with cropped jeans and a basic white tee for an updated twist on a classic ensemble. The bottom line: Love ’em or hate ’em, flip flops are poised to acquire over 2019. Check out runway evidence and get a jump start on shopping for them below.

Prior to you think of buying unisex flip flop and sandals from either of the retail outlet or e commerce store like  Amazon or any other leading shopping portals, you must get an idea as to when to wear flip flops and when not.

When you can wear flip flops:

  • Flip flops are best worn while you’re travelling. You can also call then your travel partner. Beaches are fun so is wearing flip flops to beaches. So you’re right in the middle of a beach and would you mind putting on those gorgeous stilettoes? Of course not. Flip flops are your best companions in Goa or any other trip.
  • When you are not at work, you can wear flip flop. This means that if you are visiting any store or any grocery shop, this is the best time to ease out your feet and wear flip flops.
  • While you are hanging out and chilling with your friends at a birthday party or just a casual day out, flip flops are your best friend too.
  • You’re going for a movie, hang on; do not wear those tight boots in summers. Funky printed flip flops are your movie time partner.

When not to wear flip flop:

  • Several offices have dress codes, but even there is no such rule then also you should and you must wear flip flops in the office, as they are the most comfortable of all. You can also carry them in your bagpack or keep them in your bag, and wear them to work. However, you shouldn’t wear absolutely casual flip flops, as it is not allowed in any offices.
  • Besides this, if you have any formal meeting stuff in your office or if there is any commercial activities happening in your office like any media event, you should always say a strict no-no to your “ease out partner” (flip flops). And of course not, when you’re going out on a lunch date or a dinner date.

When it comes to looking stylish, there is no better way look stylish and mod by wearing flip flops. Gone are the days when flip flops were worn only as bathroom slippers or simple slippers at home. It wasn’t considered a matter of pride and status, if one wore slippers to work or at the mall and you can buy them using Amazon Promo Code. Time have changed and passed by. A few years back, flip-flops or sandals were basically the only options if you wanted to wear easy open toed shoes. But today, you have several cute designs even for your flip flops. Now rock with these cute little flip flops, designed for every kind of situation. However, it is important to keep in mind that you do not sacrifice comfort for style and thus buy a top quality pair of flip flops today and make a fashion statement among your friends.

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