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Possibly, you have been bulking up your big wallet and then carrying it in your back pocket. That is the old school method of carrying wallets and unfortunately, it is more common today. For many decades men have carried their wallets in that manner. And even though most of them suffered sore backs, associated with the bulky wallets placed in back pockets, and some lost the wallets to pickpockets, they have continued to place them in the pockets.

So, you might ask, why does placing the wallet in the back-pocket cause pain? The pain arises after the wallet makes an imbalance that strains the hips and pelvis area – placing more stress on the lower back and hip joint. Eventually, the person ends up compressing the sciatic nerve creating the pain. In fact, most health experts will tell you that sitting on a huge wallet for long time will cause problems. Health practitioners recommend front pocket wallets such as Kinzd front pocket wallets because they eliminate the issues.

The popularity of front-pocket wallets

To avoid the pain associated with back wallets, you should place the wallet in any other place other than back pocket. But because most of the traditional wallets are very thick and bulky, it is hard to place one in front-pocket or shirt pocket. That alone led to the development of the thin front-pocket wallets. Front-pocket wallets are not only slim but are of lightweight and can fit any front-pocket easily.

And because people need added security for their credit cards and other items, it is hard to pickpocket a slim wallet out of the front pocket. Furthermore, most manufacturers are using RFID protection technology to protect credit card details.

The available types front pocket wallets

– Slim front-pocket wallets

A front pocket wallet should be easier to access. It should also be slimmer enough to fit into any front pocket. The wallets feature a slim minimalist design that will definitely make people turn heads in queues.

– Metal front-pocket wallets

In most case, front-pocket wallets do come with metal plates, which help secure the contents in compact form and make it easier to slip them into the pocket. The metal front-pocket wallets combine anodized and aluminium cold-rolled steel to protect the user’s cards and cash.

– Leather front-pocket wallets

Many people love the appearance of their traditional leather wallets, which means that they hate the idea of ditching them. Some manufacturers are now using quality leather to make quality front-pocket wallets. The leather wallets are slim to fit into any front-pocket and utilize top-grain oil-tanned leather to provide a traditional look.

– RFID-blocking front-pocket wallet

Some wallets incorporate RFID-blocking technology to protect the details of your credit cards. The wallets feature steel plates on both the back and front side to keep the cards safe.

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