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One of the keys to making “self help” books, especially those of a decidedly professional nature, successful for readers is personalization. It is one thing to, essentially, consume a multi-hour lecture in text form, no matter how well composed, if there is no personal element present in the author’s presentation. It is quite another thing, however, to feel drawn into the life experiences that helped shape their philosophy and carried them to success in their chosen profession. Such experiences make us feel like we are part of something alongside the author and we connect with them in ways we cannot with otherwise dreary academics who approach the problem from an intellectual point of view alone. Brandon Seigel’s The Private Practice Survival Guide understands this quite well and, after only a few pages in, perceptive readers will possess a strong sense of the man behind this text.


The primary theme underlying the entirety of the book is the necessity of self-empowerment in achieving professional goals. The necessary change begins and ends with you alone. One of the earliest ideas in the book many readers may find compelling and thought-provoking is Seigel’s take on the idea of “exchange” – his insight into how this often constitutes much more than financial interaction is something many of us, myself included, often forget in our desire to accumulate, pay bills, plan ahead, and so on. Here, as elsewhere, Seigel lays out his concepts and ideas in a succinct yet conversational style that feels like a man truly invested in helping his readers reach their ambitions rather than a distant author enumerating ideas for his reading audience.

Seigel shares a number of stories along the way to help illustrate points he is trying to make but does so with brevity and style. These moments never threaten to overwhelm the book. The text likewise encourages self-anabasis at every turn via a variety of methods as a way of clarifying aspects of one’s self or defining attributes of your business in a concise, focused way. There is literally no part of this topic he fails to touch on. Seigel’s work explores why private practices often fail in great detail and through his own personal experiences, obstacles private practitioners face in establishing, maintaining, and growing their business, as well as other key subjects for consideration in setting up private practice – sexual harassment training, billing, and how to organize an effective and responsive Human Resources department.


The Private Practice Survival Guide is a thoughtful and insight volume that, like many entries in this genre, has application to our everyday lives, not just the professional side of things. Brandon Seigel has incorporated a vast wealth of experience into a vision for how to set out on your own, fulfilling your professional ambitions, and reaching the multitude of goals such individuals often harbor inside. This well written book is a work readers can return to over and over as an invaluable reference for effective approaches to commonplace issues for entrepreneurs of all kinds.  

Kim Muncie

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