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    CBD has become increasingly popular lately, you might also have seen CBD or Cannabidiol in a local drug store, a spa, a grocery store or at other places. But everyone knows that CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, so, the question is, “Why is CBD legal in many states, and does this really have any health benefits? Will we’ll see in a while.

    For a quick answer, CBD oil is legal in many states because scientists and researchers are know agreeing on the fact that it has many health benefits. However, for further clarification, lets first differ CBD from marijuana.

CBD and Marijuana, What’s the difference?

    CBD and marijuana are both derived, directly or indirectly from the cannabis plant. Marijuana (aka pot) is the leaves and flowers of the cannabis.

    CBD is a compound which can be extracted from the cannabis plant, or from the Hemp plant (remember this).

    As hemp plant has considerably low amounts of THC (the compound in the cannabis plant that makes you high), the CBD oil derived from the hemp plant can be legalized as it doesn’t harm you at all. At present, hemp derived CBD oil is legal in a number of states in the US.

What is CBD oil:

    CBD oil is made from two main ingredients.

  • Cannibidiol
  • Hemp seeds or Coconut

    These two things are mashed together until a uniform mixture is formed. However, as most (almost all) of the CBD containing products in the market are currently unregulated, you’d always buy it from a trusted and well reviewed source.

Does CBD have any health benefits?

    Since CBD is legalized in many states, it is being openly marketed and sold as a “wonder drug” in the market. The companies selling CBD oil claim their products to have magical in depression, anti cancer etc. effects. However, to be true, the studies to conform the effectiveness of CBD are still lacking.

    Scientists say that CBD is a promising drug, and it can help treat medical conditions like PTSD and many more in the near future. But federal laws in the United States have made the research on the effects of CBD on human body very slow. Obtaining different strains of CBD for experimentation is a very difficult task.

Why people are taking CBD:

    Despite the lack of information backing any claims about the CBD oil, it is becoming increasingly popular in many places and people are regularly taking in to treat various medical conditions.

    This popularity suggests that the product actually works and delivers the results. There are many testimonials that you can fi d on the web approving the effects of CBD.

    Scientists however say that you should carefully look for a safe and reliable source to buy CBD and stay away from the fake online testimonials that companies make up to sell their product. CBD is still in a legal grey area, so, check with your local laws before buying.

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