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On One Box of Tissues, Corinne Cook is able to call back to the late-nineties style of country performers like Deana Carter and Shania Twain. A bouncy, bubbly personality and an alluring guitar / piano dynamic separate this single from the rest of the songs populating modern country charts. Listen closely on One Box of Tissues and you’ll hear some of the fanciest, most intricate bass lines ever committed to a track. Cook gives the aforementioned backing instrumentation time to breath. As a result, Cook’s latest will be bouncing around listeners’ brains for months after an initial play. Check out the video for One Box of Tissues below.

NeuFutur last checked out Cook’s music in 2018, when Kim M. explored her Yes I Can album.

Corinne Cook “One Box Of Tissues” / Instagram / Soundcloud

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