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While some people spend hundreds and thousands of money on flights annually, others opt for a different kind of high. Yes, we are talking about marijuana or cannabis here. Cannabis commonly referred to as marijuana, weed or pot. It is one of the most commonly used substances to get high in the United States and Canada.  In fact, more than 44% of Canadians say that have used it at least once in their lifetime and 33% says that they have used it more than once. Even last year in October Canada decriminalized marijuana in all its states for medical and recreational purposes. Now people over there have Canada weed dispensary where they can buy weed online.

Well, cannabis is not a new thing; it has been used since the new Stone Age as a source of food, medicine, oil, and use recreationally for well, getting high. So, what is it about this little green plant that attracts so many people to it? The popularity of cannabis can be attributed to relatively easy access to underestimation of perceived harm and strong feelings of euphoria that most experience when using cannabis. When used recreationally, the desired effects are usually the stereotyped feelings of elation and relaxation commonly refer to as getting high. The legalization of cannabis for recreational is currently a heavily disputed topic and is met with criticism concerning the potential harm but is often associated with cannabis use.

To further complicate this debate the idea of using cannabis for medicinal purposes creates new grounds for its legalization. So where do we stand today? Is cannabis just a plant or is it a drug? And how effective is medicinal cannabis and are there any long term side effects from cannabis use? Although marijuana derives from a naturally occurring plant it is important to note that it contains several psychoactive ingredients that attract to the brains and temporarily impair cognitive function. These include over 60 different cannabinoids which are chemical compounds that act on a cannabinoid receptor in pour brain. The most of common cannabinoids are THC and CBD. THC is the major psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for feelings of euphoria while CBD or cannabidiol has different psychoactive properties.

Although THC and CBD both are cannabinoids they both interact differently with brain receptors. THC is the substance that gets you high, causes anxiety and the reason for relaxation feelings. CBD on the other hand, shown have the exact opposite of THC, it reduces anxiety. In some cases, it even antagonizes the effects of THC depending on the dose and time of exposure. So CBD is mostly used as medicinal purposes. Researchers are constantly uncovering its potential therapeutic properties of it. Diverse properties of cannabis allow it to be used alongside treatment for a multitude of illnesses including Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa, multiple Neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and many more. It can be used to treat chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, and kills cancer stem cell when used for cancer treatment. It is also a great appetizer.

Despite the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis, we have to acknowledge the possible adverse side effects that come with recreational use. According to the literature, the two most important risk factors are the age and frequency of use. There is clear evidence suggesting that long term cannabis use can lead to addiction. And this percentage increases if used frequently or if individuals start using cannabis in their teens. It has also been documented in several studies that individuals who smoked cannabis in adolescents had fewer fibers in specific brain regions involved in learning and memory. So, the long term use of cannabis or any other drug is always harmful to the body.

Right now legalization of weed in several regions has opened the gates of the marijuana market. It is being used in several other products also such as body cares, plastic, etc. In Canada, there are also several products and flavors of weed available online such as MK Ultra, Pineapple Express, Bruce banner Strain, and many more, and since it works as an appetizer so it can also be used as a steroids in Canada to gain muscle and increase the body weight. So the limitations of the use of cannabis should be considered prior to its use.

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