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CBD is a naturally occurring component found in the Cannabis flowers. It was discovered in the 1940s and has a very rich history. Currently, research is being conducted, and clinical trials are being carried out to determine its effects. The legal status of Cannabidiol has always remained in the gray area. Since it contains THC, many worry that using it will result in people becoming intoxicated or high. However, that is not possible because CBD lessens the effects of THC and is therapeutic. It helps a person relax and have a peaceful sleep. Over the years the world has recognized CBD’s benefits and the stance has shifted in the positive direction. USA’s 2018 Animal farm bill revolutionized the industry and brought a significant change in the CBD marketplace. However, U.K is not far behind as well. In this article, we examine the legal status of CBD oils and other products in the U.K.

Laws regarding CBD Oils in U.K: –

U. K’s Misuse of Drugs Act classifies cannabis as a controlled substance which included Hemp as well, however, over the years its status has changed now licensed individuals are allowed to grow Hemp and can sell CBD oils derived from it. According to the U.K laws, oils with a THC level of 0.2% can be legally sold and bought. In 2016 MHRA admitted that CBD oil had many medicinal benefits and permitted its use. This opened a new pathway for the Cannabidiol market and as a result, the number of users in the U.K. has grown. The Cannabis Trade Association has a big hand in making the oils and other products legal. They met with MHRA and a discussion took place. After a lengthy debate, a conclusion was reached that CBD health supplements with specific dosage will be made available for purchase. It is now working with small industries and U.K government to develop a more comprehensive and liberal framework. As of 2019, it was declared that cannabis oils with high concentration of CBD can be used for medicinal purposes, however a doctor’s authorization is necessary.

According to the U.K laws these oils can only be used in extenuating circumstances where regular medicine does not work. Even then doctors have to create a report and highlight how the patients will benefit from the treatment an example can be taken of Billy Caldwell, who was suffering from epilepsy after it became clear that regular medicine was having no effect Home secretary Sajid Javed permitted the use of Cannabidiol oils. A panel has been created which judges whether the administration of the oils and medicine is necessary or not. There are currently 80,000 doctors available in U.K that have been given special authorization to recommend the use of CBD oils. According to Mr. Sajid Javed for the prescription of CBD oils, three conditions must bet, i.e. “it needs to be a preparation or product which contains cannabis, cannabis resin, cannabinol or a cannabinol derivative; it is produced for medicinal use in humans and; is a medicinal product, or a substance or preparation for use as an ingredient of, or in the production of an ingredient of, a medicinal product”. These oils and other products can also be bought from High streets in the U.K however, they are regarded as health supplements which have no medical benefits. If you want to use the oils for medicinal purposes, you will need to get a license which is not easy. This is a big headache for corporation looking to invest in the CBD market.

The company’s manufacturing and selling CBD oils and other products as health supplements are required to label them properly and they cannot write things like “curing, treating or preventing diseases” on their products. Some of the top U.K Cannabidiol Oil brands include PROACAN, HEMPURA, CBD Life, PURE KANA and many others. So, in short selling CBD oils is not illegal provided you follow the laws. I hope that this article was useful and provided helpful information. If you are interested in learning more about CBD oils and other related products you can visit hemp2wellness website. It has a vast collection of different products for you to take a look at and try. These include creams, lotions, raw hemp capsules and many others.

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