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Make no mistake, Portland’s TK & The Holy Know-Nothings are above all else a bar band. And quite possibly one of the best bar bands going at the moment.

From the tear in your beer opening track, “Alone” to the boogie woogie vibe on a song like “Good Stuff,” there’s a song on Arguably OK to speak to just about anyone inside the bar. Elsewhere on the album, “Emanuel,” is likely the slowest, savviest song ever written about pills and caffeine, while “The Devil’s Point” is witty enough to impress Kris Kristofferson. The five-piece turns in a groove-heavy, almost dream-like record with remarkably insightful lyrics that owe quite a bit to the Outlaw Country sound of the late ‘70s. The only track here that doesn’t catch right away is the dark, “Had It Coming,” a challenging song compared to the others here.

Coming in at nine songs, Arguably Ok is the perfect length: long enough to showcase the band’s impressive depth and range, while still managing to leave you wanting more.

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – Arguably OK/9 tracks/Mama Bird Recording Co./2019 / Domain / Facebook

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