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Did you know that 81% of Americans own a smartphone?

Considering that only 35% of them owned one in 2011, no one can deny that smartphones have exploded in popularity these past few years. With so many conveniences and fun features, it’s hard to imagine life without one now.

Although smartphones are great on their own, there are tons of accessories that can make your user experience much better.

Want to learn about the coolest smartphone gadgets on the market? Keep reading for 10 you have to try.

1. Smart Lock

How many times have you lost your keys and showed up somewhere late because you took so long to find them? With smart technology, you can say goodbye to the standard locks and keys that make us all struggle. If you have a smartphone and smart lock, you can be in control of your security at all times.

With one tap, you can lock and unlock your door. If anyone else knocks on your door, you’ll get a notification.

For ultra convenience, you can even set your door to unlock whenever your phone gets within a certain distance. This feature is especially helpful for times when you have your hands full. No more spilling your groceries or taking a million trips to the car because you have to fumble with a finicky lock.

2. Cool Phone Gadgets: Smartphone Projector

Although many smartphones are trying to increase their screen size and graphics, your phone isn’t the ideal place to watch videos. If you have a smartphone projector, you can stream movies, binge-watch your favorite show, and play your favorite YouTube videos wherever you go.

Instead of getting tired arms from holding your phone up in bed, you can lay back and relax while your favorite content plays on your ceiling or wall. During the summer, you can even throw some awesome outdoor movie parties with all of your friends.

3. VR Headset

Virtual reality has come a long way in a few years. You can get immersed in thrilling games and watch movies in stunning quality. If you buy a VR headset that’s compatible with your smartphone, you can have a blast at any time and any place.

With this small equipment, the impossible becomes possible. You can travel the world thanks to panoramic views of famous landmarks and soar through the universe as you discover different galaxies. No matter what you’re watching or playing, you’ll love each new adventure.

4. Android Gadgets: Pen Drive

Nothing’s worse than trying to use your camera only to find out you’ve run out of storage. If you use a pen drive, you can add 32 more gigabytes to your phone’s storage without having to delete anything. The best part is that these devices are compatible with computers and other Androids, so you can share and transfer your data easily.

Since pen drives are so small, you can carry them wherever you go. This can be useful for work, school, and your personal life. However, if you do feel like upgrading your phone to get better storage, this company has tons of new and used smartphones for every user’s unique needs.

5. Attachable Camera Lenses

The sad truth is you can’t get the highest-quality photos with your smartphone’s camera, no matter how advanced its parts are. Instead of carrying around a professional camera, you can have attachable lenses that boost your smartphone’s camera.

Some lenses allow you to zoom, others can create different effects like fisheye, and some lenses are designed to make shooting videos much smoother. No matter what your project is, there’s a special smartphone lens that can get you impressive results.

6. Bluetooth Gadgets: Portable Keyboards

You may be a master at texting, but chances are you can’t text as fast as you can type on a normal keyboard. Since laptops are bulky and heavy, they’re not the most convenient option for working on the go. With a portable Bluetooth keyboard, you can enjoy the functions of a computer and the comforts of a lightweight phone.

Since many keyboards are small and foldable, you can stick it in your back pocket or bag without being weighed down. This is one of the best phone gadgets for people who like to work in different places. You’ll never have to worry about anyone stealing your laptop at a restaurant or coffee shop again.

7. Credit Card Reader

If you run your own business, you may not want to invest in all of the expensive, bulky technology you need to operate.

A smartphone credit card reader is one of the handiest mobile gadgets for startup or traveling businesses. For example, merchants at a farmers’ market will get more business by accepting credit card payments instead of hoping for cash in our paperless society.

8. Smartphone Gadgets for Gamers: Controllers with Phone Mounts

Who doesn’t love relaxing by playing some fun apps? If gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, you need a smartphone controller to take your mobile games to the next level.

All you have to do is slip your phone into the mount above the controller and your hands are free to use all of your controls. Since lots of controllers on the market have long battery lives, you can game wherever you go. This gadget is perfect for long car rides or flights.

9. Smart Baby Monitor

Being a parent is never easy, but a smart baby monitor can make the job much less stressful. With this technology, you can live stream video and audio of your baby on your phone.

Since parents have a lot of chores, a smart baby monitor can give you the peace of mind that your baby is happy and well whenever you’re not next to them. With this flexibility, you can nap, clean, cook, socialize, or relax and get notified whenever your baby needs you.

10. Helpful Cellphone Gadgets: Digital Highlighter

Do you know any students or avid readers? If so, a digital highlighter is a thoughtful gift that will forever change the way they read and take notes.

A digital highlighter is a tool that allows you to highlight text and transfer it to your phone or computer instantly. This can save you hours of transcribing and hunting for the right pages you need to study.

Want to Stay Up to Date with Technology?

With these 10 smartphone gadgets, you’ll be able to revolutionize your phone’s functions.

Want to catch up on more tech news? NeuFutur has everything you need to know about electronics. Check out our blog for more helpful information.

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