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One bad toothache and you’ll find yourself at the dentist.

You’ll have the choice to fix it up or pull it out. Finances will play a huge influence on your oral health and smile. You may leave with one less tooth.


There are many other signs you may need teeth replacement besides a gap in your smile. So, follow along and see if any of these apply.

1. You’ve Changed Communication Habits

A visibly chipped, broken, or missing tooth is gutting in public. You’ll feel out-of-place and regressive in social situations. This may go as far as covering your mouth or pursing your lips when talking.

Do you find yourself speaking up less so your teeth don’t show? That’s a sign.

Dental implants can fill the gaps in your smile, and with it returns your outgoing nature. You’ll feel sociable, again, and return to your communication habits.

2. You’re In Pain (Way Too Often)

People place tooth pain as one of the worst things they’ve experienced. A harsh toothache is downright debilitating, leaving you bedbound in agony. 

What happens when you let your tooth go untreated? Well:

  • Infections
  • Decay
  • Nerve damage

Infection can even spread throughout the body, becoming life-threatening. You’ll likely want this tooth removed, fast, if a root canal isn’t an option. After, a tooth replacement brings your health and smile back to perfection.

3. Eating is Becoming a Problem

Your body will adjust to a missing tooth or two. But, some may find it so difficult that they change their diet and what they eat!

Brittle, damaged, or infected teeth can make it impossible to chew. Not being able to enjoy your favorite foods is no way of living. Implants are a great option if you’ve noticed eating habits changed for the worst.

With new teeth, you’ll enjoy your favorite foods once again. You won’t feel afraid of further damaging your teeth, either, as the replacement is rock solid.

4. You’re Sick and Tired of Dentures

Even the best dentures become a pain in the rear.

You run into issues like:

  • Falling out because they didn’t fit in well
  • Extra costs for the cleaning tabs and cream
  • Difficulty eating soft foods as it gets stuck

On the other hand, teeth implants like All on 4 make it feel like you’ve got natural teeth. You can rest assured they’re durable and easy to maintain like the rest of your mouth.

Is It Time for Teeth Replacement? 

Teeth replacement is a very viable option if you’re seeing the signs outlined in this post. At the end of the day, though, only you can decide what’s best.

Think of your health. Think of your self-image. See that this isn’t just a cosmetic procedure but a new you. Go for it, then see how else you can improve your self-worth and image by using our health and fitness guides!

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