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You have a fantastic product or a large company; you are entirely ready to roll your balls. Your product is beneficial for the users and promising for the needs; you know that this could help millions of people. But you aren’t sure how to reach those millions. Sounds very familiar problem, right? It is the main issue and challenge for many. How to deal with it? 

If your problem is building your user or customer base, then two things can quickly solve your problems. Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising both are two different verticals that can pick you out from this issue. Both are so promising that they can quickly grow your business or your customer. But it’s up to you how you determine which is better for your business, which method will work for your business. 

Let’s take an example; you have an auto modification house in New York. You know that there are many people and you can easily access a large number of business, can make huge money. But don’t know-how! Well, there you need to figure out Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising. Ready to know which will work? Let’s take an in-depth look. 

Digital Marketing

  • Setting up a blog, where you will put contents on bike modification, how this thing gets done, what kind of expenses are there, how the modified bikes or car looks or such material. You need to provide all possible answers that come in an ordinary users mind. Providing all possible solutions to your audience will build the necessary trust and make your business more visible to the audience. 
  • Next is you need to focus on the call to action. For example, you will allow people to play casino games online freebies. Run some campaign on your website, that you offer a free service, a free quotation, similar to this. Take their details like phone number, email, or any contact information, communicate with them, and roll your balls.
  • After writing so much content for your blog, do SEO. Hire the right SEO agency, tell them to do their best to make your articles or content in the top of the Google search. 

Digital Advertising

  • Online ads, this could change the whole game. You need to promote your website or your information on many online sites or infra. 
  • Pay per click campaigns, another best way to advertise your brand or product digitally. You can use Facebook pixel, Google, or similar platforms by pay them to promote your product such as free bets and get sales. 
  • Digital Coupons, well this could be merged with PPC ads when you promote your brand online, you have to give some random discounts to the user via online. It will grow your business and create a vast customer base. 


Now you know what the difference between Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing. Now you need to assess your business which thing will work for your business and do wonders. 

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