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There are so many different kitchen blenders that it may seem like a whole lot of trouble to try to find the right one for you. On top of the plethora of models, there are the brands to consider as well.

One of the most popular and well-known names in this market is Nutribullet, but even within this amazing brand, there are many options to choose from, and that can get a bit overwhelming.

That is why in this article we will be looking at two of these and trying to figure out just what the difference between Nutribullet 600 vs. 900 is and which one is the best one for you.

Nutribullet 600

The 600 offers a lot of power for such a small blender. The addition of several containers to mount on the base gives you a versatility of use that is rivaled by very few. The entire design of this personal blender is meant to help aid you whether you are making a smoothie or perfecting the perfect gazpacho and that is why many feel it is one of the most reliable options on the market today.

The Nutribullet 600 comes with multiple blades to allow you to deal with hard and soft foods with ease. Operating with pulse control, this blender when looked at may seem just like many other options out there, especially when it comes to the way you use it. The ‘fill the cup and press it down on to the main unit’ idea of work doesn’t give you a lot of speed control, but that is okay because everything else is designed for optimal functionality.

The only thing that may deter you from using this model is the power, and though 600W may seem a bit on the weak side, it is probably enough to get the job down on an individual basis.


  • Powered by a 600W motor
  • Internal mechanism uses cyclonic technology to break down foods
  • Easy-to-load tall cup
  • Simple to use
  • Cleanup is quick and simple
  • Parts are dishwasher safe (tall cup)
  • Multiple blades for both hard and soft foods

Nutribullet 900

The 600 model maybe just a tad too small for you and if that is the case, then the 900 may solve that problem. The larger 32oz cup and the enhanced power via the 900W motor will enhance your blending capabilities. Along with the 32oz cup it also comes with an 18oz which is still bigger than the one that comes with the 600, so no matter how you go about it, if you need more than one serving, the 900 is your blender.

This blender, like its little sister, can be used for creating great dips, smoothies, and even cold soups. Truthfully, the rest of the functionality and methods of use are the same as the 600. That means just like the 600, you place your food in the cup, snap it into the base, and then press down to make the blades start their hard work.

You do get a more significant recipe book with this model and that may be something that really makes a difference to you—especially if you are always looking for new, delicious recipes to try.


  • Powered by a 900W motor
  • Internal mechanism uses cyclonic technology to break down foods
  • Easy to load tall cup with flip-top
  • Simple to use
  • Cleanup is quick and simple
  • Parts are dishwasher safe (tall cup)

So with the detailed look from the above sections let’s take that knowledge and try to decipher just what is the difference between the Nutribullet 600 and the 900.

What’s the Difference?

So now that we know a little about these two models, let’s see how they compare head to head. Understanding what makes each different from the other will help make the decision process quicker and easier as well. Here are a few things to take under advisement when choosing that right blender for you.


This is perhaps one of the most significant differences. With the 600 you get a 24oz cup which is perfect for individual servings. However, if you need a bit more size, the 32oz cup that comes with 900 may be the better choice. Each model comes with a top cup that is resealable and good for on-the-go people.

Heating Function

Neither of these units can work with hot foods. In fact, stick to cold foods and drinks so as not to damage the blender.


The great thing with this category is that no matter which model you choose, you get the standard warranty available on all models. With each of these blenders, you get a 1-year warranty with an option to extend that for 4 years.

Color Selection

If, however, you are worried about matching your blender with your décor, the 600 offers more options. You have three different options (red, blue, and gray) whereas if you go with the 900 all you get to choose from is one, and that may not work for your interior design needs.


This is the most significant difference between the two Nutribullet models. The 600 has a lower wattage motor and which only does about .8 HP. On the flip side, the 900 is powered by an extra 300W which means more HP backing those blades as they pulverize the foods you place in the cup.

So, there are the side-by-side comparisons that we hope you can use to figure out how to make the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

The difference is so minuscule that it really boils down to your own personal preference. Using the above comparison should be able to help you figure out just which one wins the duel of the Nutribullet 600 vs. the 900 for you.

Once you have finished figuring that out, all that is left is to grab some fruit, spinach, and other favorite smoothie ingredients and get pulsing your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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