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Sick As Our Secrets is the new single from Makes My Blood Dance, coming forth with a tremendously catchy set of lyrics. A funky bass lines, chugging guitar work, and on-point drumming unite to make this effort a perfect melange of CKY and Ratt. Sick As Our Secrets has everything needed to make it big on modern mainstream rock radio; the band is able to make an effort here that easily rivals Volbeat for sheer charisma and allure. Makes My Blood Dance shines not only because of these unparalleled vocals but because the act is able to link current approaches to a rich rock tradition laid out over the better part of 40 years. Couple the band’s lyrical content with some sick riffs and Makes My Blood Dance has one hell of a hit on their hands with Sick As Our Secrets.

We last looked into MMBD back in March.

Makes My Blood Dance “Sick As Our Secrets”

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