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I know most gym dwellers may think Pilates is one of those exercises that pack more pain than gain, and taxes you time, but this is a wrong conception. It could be because most folks don’t know about Pilates Machine or really devoted time to try out Pilates workout at home.

First off, Pilates for exercise can not only help you with toning and sculpting your abs and back, but also can help aid in weight loss.

With Pilates exercise, you can go beyond the very common and desirable ‘Pilates Effect,’ and burn a significant amount of calories through unconventional ways like lowering your cortisol release, which reduces the fat deposit rate. Also, the sped-up recovery helps you get back at it again, so that’s another way you can hope to lose more fat over a fixed period.

Pilates benefits of how to lose muffin top are relatively easy. They are just as effective metabolically than your average low impact strength training regimen. You can expect to torch a fair amount of calories and flatten your belly through the following Pilates exercises:

N.B- You can try out these Pilates exercises for beginners to start out and move on to the more advanced moves.

1. The Rocking

This is super easy to do once you manage to get in the right form. Plus, all the stretching of your arms, abs, legs, and lower back is bound to drive up your total metabolism, which will basically activate your core and you can tally up on your calorie count.


a) Lie down on your torso with your hands by your side.

b) Bend your knees up.

c) Try to hold your ankle with your hands and lift them up.

d) Use the grip on your ankles as support to lift your upper body up using your upper core.

e) Maintain this position for the deep stretch.

2. Hip Twist

This is a great Pilates exercise to shred belly fat through intensive core burn out. This move works through the rotatory motion of your legs while you’re holding them up.

Firstly, lifting the weight of your legs is enough to start burning your belly fat, and micro-tearing of your abdominal muscles. So when you add a moderately tough motion to the hold, it becomes a heavy-duty tool for diminishing belly fat.


a) Sit on your butt and use your hands to anchor your form.

b) Keep your back inclined at 65 degrees from your hip to the floor.

c) Slowly raise both your legs up and keep them glued together.

d) Start rotating the joint legs in a circular motion.

e) Do a clockwise motion, follow up with an anti-clockwise motion.

3. Leg Pull

This move is one of those easy Pilates exercises that come with a cardio effect. Plus, the mechanism of this move is relatively simple and repetitive. All you need to do is play crisscross with your legs.

The Leg Pull comes with 2 different variations, with most of the effects being the same. One on the front and the other on the back. We are doing the first variant for this list, but if you wish to, you can do the final version as well.


a) Sit on your butt, with your legs extended forward.

b) Keep your hands straight, palms in contact with the floor to support your weight.

c) Pull your hips up, and use one leg to kick up( alternate 1 leg at a time).

d) Fall back in the initial position after the first rep(kick-ups with alternate leg)

e) Exhale while you get up and inhale on your way down.

4. Cork Screw

Corkscrew is an excellent Pilates move that uses dynamic motion to burn calories while sculpting your entire core. This, too, has a cardio effect, so you can hope to drop fat and build muscle throughout the layer of fat in your belly. Plus, muscles are metabolically more active than fat tissue.


a) Lie flat on your back with your legs paired together.

b) Use your core to lift your legs up together very slowly and use your hands to stabilize the motion.

c) Keep on pushing your legs up until your hips are off the ground.

d) In mid suspension, rotate your joint legs clockwise and anti-clockwise.

e) Get back down and repeat. Do 5 sets of your max rep.

5. The Control Balance

This is perhaps one of the best Pilates moves out there to incorporate into your daily fat loss routine. Not only is this Pilates exercise a belly annihilator, but this dynamic motion will work your quads, groin, hamstrings, and hip flexors alike. So basically, you will need to maintain balance as you make all these different resistive stretching motions. Hence, the name.


a) Lie on your back with your knees bent and toes facing forward.

b) Straighten your leg in an inclining slope, so your butt makes 45 degrees with the floor.

c) Slowly start pulling in your legs until they are over your head.

d) After holding the position for 5 seconds, push them back until your thighs are at 90 degrees with your belly.

e) Very slowly et one leg down, and back up again.

f) Repeat with the other leg.

g) Get back to the starting position. Repeat.

P.S- Be sure to exhale while contracting and inhale when you’re not.


As great and practical these Pilates exercises are, you can not depend on Pilates alone to shift your from one body mass index to another.

You will need to incorporate the right diet, along with encompassing yourself with different forms of exercise, especially Cardio and HIIT, if your goal is to lose weight.

Click here to find out how and when to take your protein shake for max gain.

If you wish, you can join a class or if you’re in a similar situation as I am with no specialty studio for Pilates near me, then just follow this routine at home.

Pro Tip: Use all the Pilates exercise from the list and do 1 set of each, take 10 seconds to break in between. This will generate an afterburn effect and will burn more calories during the session itself.

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