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Drugs, sex, Jesus and a telecaster’s twang. That’s pretty much the Beaumont formula and hell, if it isn’t enough to make your whole goddamn day.  

On their first live record, This Is Austin, recorded appropriately enough at Austin’s The White Horse, the five Lubbock cowboys turn in a monstrously hilarious best of compilation in front of a live audience. Whether it’s singing about Toby Keith (“Toby Keith is the Ugliest Woman I’ve Ever Seen”), making it big as a new Country bro (“Change My Name”) or just getting right with the Lord (“If You Don’t Love the Lord”), The Beaumonts manage to play the best country/Americana music going today. It also happens to be the filthiest, but whatcha gonna do?

In the middle of the set, frontman Troy Wayne Delco poses a handful of questions to the audience: “Who likes drinkin’? Who likes dancin’? Who likes gettin’ high?” Well it turns out The Beaumonts like getting high too, to quote Delco. And this record manages to be the perfect record to listen to while doing all three.

Irresponsible? Sure. Offensive? Possible. Blasphemous? Likely. But is it worth it? Hell, yeah! Long live The Beaumonts.

The Beaumonts – This Is Austin/12 tracks/Saustex Records/2019 / ReverbNation /

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  1. I am gonna score the Album because THEE BEUMONTS are so FUCKIN HUGE! Their Geetars I mean and they have that Nuclear BOMB Bass Player with the Ciggy always reminds me of Nathan Calhoun but I call him StoneFace but he is EXCELLENT! You cant go wrong with the Beaumonts!

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