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Throughout the decades, architectural design has expanded into new territory, becoming bolder with every new year. House builds are no longer restricted to simple bricks-and-mortar and the image of the perfect home has evolved from the old-fashioned picket-fenced dream that was once popular. Nowadays, homeowners are proving that they can truly make anywhere their home. So, what does 2020 mean for house design? Let’s look at some of the most creative house ideas.

Steel Houses

When you picture a house, you don’t typically associate it with material like steel, but as mentioned before, it seems that bricks are out. Steel houses not only look modern, but they are practical, too, with farmers using metal farm buildings for storage. The durable material is also sturdy and low maintenance, with a long lifespan, making it a cheaper alternative for people looking to live for less. With the rising economy, it’s little wonder that steel homes are becoming popular; they are faster and cheaper to construct and can withstand bad weather conditions.

Steel homes are also ideal for homeowners who want to be more eco-friendly.

Barn Conversions

If you’re looking for a rural countryside aesthetic that doesn’t involve you compromising on style, then you’ll want to hop on the barn conversion bandwagon. Barns carry so much history and character, so it’s no wonder people are seeking them for their dream home. The high ceilings, stone walls and open plan living are what make barn homes so chic. Although barn conversions do have some modifications, if done right, they can still convey that personality that made their owners fall in love in the first place. For a cozy but spacious home that lets you embrace country living, a barn conversion is the perfect abode.


You might think that treehouses are only for kids, but you’d be wrong. Yes, you can really live like Tarzan up amongst the trees thanks to the creativity of architects specializing in modern-day tree homes. These sustainable homes really are like something from a fairy tale, surrounded by natural beauty and offering an escape from the real world. Complete with all the mod cons, like toilets, heating and even wood-burning stoves, treehouses are proving to be a viable option for potential homeowners. So, relive your childhood and create new memories in your treehouse sanctuary.

Tiny Houses

Tiny in name, but massive in their popularity, tiny houses are proof that living large isn’t all that. With tiny houses ranging between one hundred and four hundred square feet, they are a great investment who people who prefer minimalism over materialism. The benefits of living in a tiny home include being able to take your house with you when you travel, having lower expenses and being able to live off the grid thanks to solar-powered energy. There are even tiny house communities, allowing like-minded people to congregate together. Essentially, tiny houses can offer a simpler way of life for those who perhaps want to cut down on their expenses. The tiny house movement proved that these designs aren’t just a phase soon to go out of fashion; they are here to stay.  

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