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Witht he increasing market share that has been enjoyed by esports television shows on traditional media outlets, it just makes sense that more games and leagues will be released and established throughout 2020. Here’s a list of a few of the most interesting developments that we will (or have) seen so far in 2020

Pokemon Go Battle League

Pokemon Go is the one title that never seems to lose a step. Entering into its 4th year in existence, publisher Niantic has continued to change and update the title with new options. The latest of these options is a Battle League that will allow individuals throughout the world the opportunity the gain a number of rewards. The mode does a good job in approximating the experience of what Ash and other characters from the Pokemon anime have done in the past through their progression in leagues and torunamnets.

Overwatch 2

While Blizzard has continued to add and change the original Overwatch title, there has been a ton of news that has came forth in the last 6 months identifying that the company is currently working on a sequel to Overwatch. The Overwatch League has had massive pots present for its players, even going so far as to create teams throughout the world. One has to presume that these teams (and Blizzard’s esports load out) will be brought to the sequel, which has a tentative release date right now of Q4 2020.

World of Warcraft 2

This last title may be a bit of wishful thinking, but Blizzard has just released their WoW Classic in 2019. It is time for them to further delineate the games by establishing a true sequel to the venerable MMORPG. Odds ( ) are good that this will drop in 2020 or 2021. There’s a ton of story lore that the title can ultimately build upon, but vartious raiding guilds are chomping at the bit to notch the accolades in a new format. Blizzard is releasing Shadowlands in 2020 so one will see the game’s subscriber base sweller nearer to the Q2-Q3 release date. This number will likely pop back over the 10 million subscriber mark if Blizzard has a quick enough turnaround for WoW 2’s release.

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