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Welcome! I would love to talk about all things songwriting! But first – I would love to hear from each of you something that most people would be surprised to learn about you.

Marie B, vocals: Hello! Okay, most people would be surprised to learn about me that my first field of study is printing and publishing. I grew up working the family business, collating books and craft patterns, and also got my first modeling experience there, regular pictures as well as runway modeling. After I finished high school, I worked for a year to earn money for college where I further studied acting, physical education, art, and business. Other jobs I worked used me for not only cashier and fashion purposes in selling products, but I was also in some training films at their new location. My image is out there in several places. So, my experience in the family business led me to the printing and publishing. Ultimately, I ended up becoming sensitive to chemicals as a result of that industry. Plus all those skills are outdated now with digital photography. I handled a lot of printing chemicals.

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: That I was once a pro AMA flat-track motorcycle racer and raced all over the USA.That’s how I learned how to live on the road,which made touring an easy transition for me.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: I love and collect all types of music, but I refuse to download or stream off of the Internet. If I can’t hold it in my hand, I can’t enjoy it.

You have a new album coming out – which is exciting! Can you share with us more about your song writing process as a band?

Scott: We all try to bring new song ideas to the table, and we write and create a song as a group, everyone contributes to the process even if the song is fully written when we start it.

Marie: Our process for writing songs has evolved over the years. It used to be Dan who wrote all the music and the lyrics. The first album “The Monster That Made The Man” is exclusively him on vocals and instruments. He secluded himself and wrote it. Then I listened to it and described it and the process in order to tell people about what he could do. My plan was to tell the world about this one-man show. That’s how it all started. I wasn’t involved in the writing process, I only talked about it and offered my ears and support to Dan. Now, I get an idea and write it down. Then I enhance it and present it to Dan and Scott for the music. I might say, like, I want a guitar solo here and describe it. This most recent song, (More Than Air) Scott wrote music first. Then he brought it to band rehearsal and we listened to it and played it. I got the music in my head and then all of a sudden I had an idea how to put a voice to it. It just had to sit in my head for a while and I had to sing it a few times. So I hurried and wrote it on my lyric sheet and sang it for them when we got together to jam.

Dan: There’s no specific process, it just kind of depends on circumstances. I might have a couple riffs that I bring in, then we play through it together to make it cohesive. Or maybe Scott will bring in music and lyrics, and ask me to put them together. Or maybe I’ll have a complete rhythm section ready, but use Marie’s stream-of-consciousness writing for lyric ideas. Or, Scott or I may have a complete song, we bring it in and teach it to the rest of the band, and away we go. The only rule is that it has to be good.

How important is it to you that you write your own music?

Marie: In an originals band it’s 100% important that we write the our own music. For me personally I’m not a purist like Dan is. I’ll sing just about anything. Scott can too, he knows a lot of songs from other bands he’s been in. Dan knows a bunch too but he mostly suppresses them. It’s funny sometimes one of us will just start playing a song in rehearsal. (laughing)

Scott: It’s the most important part of song writing, it gives us our own sound that sets us apart from the other groups out there.

Dan: Although I enjoy working up the occasional cover, I feel more accomplished if I write an original song. There are lots of great band out there that do covers pretty much exclusively, but how far can that really take you? Writing originals is what gets you the record deal, which is what I’m looking for.

What musical influences if any, will we hear in the new music?

Scott: You will hear hard rock, metal, funk, RnB in the new songs.

Marie: Musical influences you will hear in our new music are, Punk sounds and funk. In order to help me find a voice for “More Than Air,” Scott said “Play That Funky Music Whiteboy” sounding. And some songs I didn’t know. He just kept saying songs until he saw that I understood what he meant. As far as influences… everything from The Carpenters to Last In Line and Judas Priest. Eddie Van Halen for sure. The influence is there.

Dan: Having Scott’s songs on the record definitely broadens our sound, adding some fun, danceable rhythms. My writing still tends toward darker tones, channeling my Black Sabbath-Kiss-AC/DC influences, so it’s going to be a neat balance of styles that shows our versatility as a band.

Do you have one song that you play every show, not matter what?

Scott: Yes we have an instrumental song we open every show with.

Marie: Yes. We open every show with Flash. Named that because Scott wrote it. That’s our intro. Scott’s AKA is Flash.

Dan: We still do “Bastard,” too. It’s such a crowd pleaser, it always brings people out of their hiding places when we go into it.

Where can fans connect with you on social media?

Dan: You can find us at, and on Instagram and Twitter @revilutionband. Also head to our website,, and check out our music videos and maybe buy you some merch!

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