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While it might seem contradictory with the frenzied pace a new year often brings, now is actually a perfect time for leaders to stop and reflect on the past year. Taking into account their wins and losses, and realigning business goals for the year ahead.

Running a successful business means contemplating your high points as well as your lows from the past 365 days. And also planning for future growth and the steps needed to ensure your business reaches new heights this year.

The resolutions below strike the perfect balance between helping you keep your current business protected while allowing you to still strive for that next level of growth.

Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Whenever the topic of cybersecurity comes up, it’s easy for small business owners to shrug off its importance as something that concerns larger companies. However, that take couldn’t be further from the truth. According to industry reports, 43 percent of cyber-based attacks involved small businesses in 2019. Why? Because smaller companies make for easier targets, with bigger payoffs and less risk of getting caught.

Make 2020 the year you put data breach prevention strategies in place. Here are a few ways you can begin to implement these measures:

  • Routinely back up your company’s data
  • Put a firewall in place to keep intruders from accessing your private network
  • Invest in the latest security software, web browser and operating systems for your company’s network
  • Secure your workplace Wi-Fi network by making sure it’s encrypted and that your router is also password protected
  • Create a mobile device action plan for employees that protects your corporate network

You can learn more tips for cybersecurity planning with this guide.

Business Surveillance Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Physical security solutions have historically played a large part in keeping businesses safe in their everyday operations. While implementing cybersecurity measures is vital, if a property crime occurs, you’ll need more than cyber preparedness to protect your place of work. Resources such as commercial surveillance systems equipped with the latest features like digital IP systems, which let you connect cameras to integrated power-over-ethernet (PoE) ports for an easy plug-and-play surveillance option, can help discourage both internal and external theft at your business. And most high-quality business security systems will also be outfitted with vandal-proof cameras, night-vision capabilities and wide-range specialized cameras to help maximize your coverage area and protection.

Delegate More

When owners learn they need to implement more strategy such as adding in additional security protections into their current company protocols, they often view it as a hassle. But don’t make that mistake. Executing new resolutions this year doesn’t automatically mean more work for you. Especially when you commit to delegating to others more. Need your employees to be updated on your new cybersecurity policies then let your IT department and key staff handle the training. Want a safe and secure property? Leave it up to security experts to help you decide on the perfect customized set-up for your business needs. By delegating and outsourcing tasks that are better handled by others, you can free yourself up from time-consuming duties to focus more on growing your business.

Here’s to a Safer Year

Growth goals have a place in planning, but to ensure you’re still in business a year from now, you have to make certain specific safety protocols are in place. Make 2020 the year you improve your company’s security measures by taking a multi-faceted approach, your future self will thank you.

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