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Saint Mars is an act that blends a legendary musician (Massive Attack’s Angelo Bruschini) with an up and coming performer (Ohio’s own Tryzdin). With their trio of singles, Saint Mars seek to put their imprint upon popular music. Help is a fascinating track that calls back to The Offspring’s Gone Away, mid-oughts U2, and even back further to acts like Midnight Oil. There is an alternative/rock approach taken by Saint Mars that makes this tack something that could easily make it onto rock rotation, a trend that continues through to Loveghost. Loveghost is bolstered through the inclusion of Alonestar and Tryzdin; the blending of rap with a much more low-key guitar line will have listeners make comparisons to acts like Linkin Park and Orgy.

Saint Mars is able to refresh these styles and make them tremendously relevant for a modern audience. With the inclusion of additional features for songs like the aforementioned Loveghost and Somewhere Somebody, the band is able to deftly float through approaches and styles like no other.

Ocean Blues may be the most impacting of Saint Mars’s singles. The dynamic established between the keys and Tryzdin’s vocals pushes each into a bold new sound. The gradual increase in the single’s momentum will have listeners firmly on the edges of their seats, while a sound is cultivated that could easily slot onto college rotation. The slow burn of Ocean Blues is delectable and will have one on the edges of their seats. Masterful production illustrates a collaborative approach to Saint Mars’s music; what is generated here will stand up to repeat plays like no other.

We’re excited to hear more coming from the Saint Mars camp; check out their social media and Soundcloud for more information about their upcoming releases and samples of their music.

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