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Art Tawanghar has crafted a modern-day masterpiece with his Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz. The strings (contributed by the featured Negar Nick on the Azari Kamanche) that begin the effort call back to the composers of the 18th and 19th century. The deliberate pacing of the composition ensures that listeners will remain attention. The panoply of interactions that occur at any only second of this composition create a heady, dense composition that continues to show new twists and turns even multiple plays in.

A seven-plus minute run time ensures that Art has ample time to plumb the depths of his inspirations and influences. A deliberate step-by-step movement at around the 2:45 time stamp allows for expansive strings to temper listeners’ expectations. Soon after, a bit of Spanish influence is weaved into Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz. Through giving this composition time to breathe, Tawanghar is able to make something engrossing that can touch on a slew of different approaches. The absence of vocals may be a stumbling block for fans of contemporary musical styles, but Tawanghar is able to make a ploy for those populations with a vibrant and cohesive narrative created through his inimitable arrangements.

As Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz continues to play, fans will be taken on a journey that will lead them into a much different place than they began. There is an austerity that concludes the release, providing one with a deliberate set of closure. The care in which Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz is created by Tawanghar means that, even if the composition has ceased playing, that anyone fortunate enough to listen in will be changed by the effort. We’re hoping for more compositions of this ilk from Art in the months and years to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz Ft. Negar Nick On Azari Kamanche / 2020 Major Hit Records / 7:11 / Domain / Twitter / Instagram /

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