Posted on: July 10, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Changing Your Story has some power and fury behind it. Carr is in rare form, hitting highs and lows while weaving a story of praise. Her backing band is on top of their game, creating an instrumental backdrop that deserves to be focused on just as much as Jekalyn’s story of praise. The ability of said band to stop on a dime and move into a wholly different sound is astonishing. The guitars sizzle, the drums resound loudly, and everything taken together just sparkles. There’s ample spotlight for all sides of the performance here, providing further gravitas to an already heavy gospel message. If this music won’t get the fire burning into you, I would not know what would.

We previously touched upon Jekalyn’s “Greater is Coming” back in the spring of 2013 and I See Miracles in 2019.

Jekalyn Carr “Changing Your Story” Domain / 

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