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One by One (Little Things) is the initial effort on PK and the In-Betweens’ recently-released EP, A Lifetime of Almost. Taut playing, charismatic vocals, and a dynamic sound that continues to impress even after multiple plays, this first single builds off of the tradition of 1990s rock and college radio. Hints of Live and Our Lady Peace be heard here. The secondary vocals provide further depth to the composition; listeners will be locked in for the next salvos from this act.

Almost is an assertive rock track that brings in the guitar braggadocio of The Who with a bit of the aural snarl of Mick Jagger. PK and the In-Betweens come forth with an utterly unique sound. Emotive guitar work, paired vocals, and spot-on drum work unite to make something that will tattoo itself deeply into the psyche of anyone that picks up the extended play. The bit of a re-start that occurs at the 2:30 mark is a wonderful way to cleanse fans’ palettes and keep things going as energetically as they did when the song began.

Next To You brings in a light hint of 1970s California rock and 1960s surf to keep the release’s momentum high. While the songs on A Lifetime of Almost could easily make it to radio, the instrumentation far outstrips anything that typically garners rotation.

Hole in My Heart is a masterful composition. While things start in a slower style than much of the fare on A Lifetime of Almost, the gradual increase in the song’s tempo is simply brilliant. The deliberate decision to showcase such emotional intensity at the conclusion of this disc will keep PK and the In-Betweens’ name on listeners’ lips for a long time.

Top Tracks: “One by One” (Little Things), Hole in My Heart

Rating: 8.6/10

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